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  1. jagjitnatt

    Naswar Corner

    My story is a little similar except for the gun part, and yeah scaring the hell out of her parents' part. But you can find my story somewhere on the forum, I myself don't have an idea where. I'll leave it to your people to find out.
  2. jagjitnatt

    China signs agreement with Russia for 4 Amur-1650 submarines

    Correct. Isn't this obvious? Chinese military hardware is average, only sufficient for smaller countries. Chinese ambition is much bigger and required world class weapons, and hence going for Amur class. China also bought Kilo class submarines from Russia. So Amur > Kilo > Chinese subs...
  3. jagjitnatt

    Comparison : Pakistani Al Khalid-1 MBT vs Israeli Merkava IV MBT !

    Man: 2 Legs Buffalo: 4 Legs :lol: Why are people still comparing specs that don't mean anything. When you compare no. of rounds, Al Khaled tops, but do you try to think what type of rounds and variety of rounds fired from both tanks? The range and the armor piercing capability of the rounds...
  4. jagjitnatt

    Why al-Qaeda finds no recruits in India

    Oh really????? Define strategically fit please. Cause I think India is the most strategic country in Asia. All oil goes through India, all trade, shipping goes through Indian coast. It reaches up to countries like Myanmar, and all regional countries need Indian support to progress Or you...
  5. jagjitnatt

    Best Film Ever?

    Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham was crap. You wanna watch good movies? Watch these: - Shawshank Redemption - GreenMile - Shutter Island - Pearl Harbour - Saving Private Ryan - Blood Diamond - Fight Club - Inception - Memento - Se7en - Hotel Rwanda Watch any of these and they will change...
  6. jagjitnatt

    Bal Thackeray, Hindu leader and Shiv Sena founder, dies

    Thank God. Its turn for Raj now.
  7. jagjitnatt

    The Price Paid By Pakistan

    Patriotism - Yes Emotional - No Emotional people get used. As an emotional country Pakistan has been used by other countries. Even India is emotional and gets carried away but Pakistan is extremely emotional. Patriotism should be showed by truthfulness, wisdom, transparency, education...
  8. jagjitnatt

    The Price Paid By Pakistan

    So the PA is willing to sacrifice thousands of its soldiers fighting the Americans, but not sacrifice hundreds to fight the terrorists. That is a flawed explanation, in fact an excuse to not engage the terrorists. The writer falls into his own trap. Some desperate extremist there...
  9. jagjitnatt

    Will Pakistan buy these ?

    INR 90000, so PKR 160000
  10. jagjitnatt

    What is your caste?

    Jatt (meaning land lord or farmers)
  11. jagjitnatt

    If higher castes are meritorious, why is the country in a mess?

    Govt is trying its best to destroy India. After this bill, General people won't work because it won't matter how hard they work, their SC/ST batch mates will soon be their bosses. On the other hand, SC/ST won't work because they will automatically be promoted. This is make India more...
  12. jagjitnatt

    Your favorite member on PDF?

    I was the first favorite member. :yahoo: People seem to have forgotten me now. :lol:
  13. jagjitnatt

    India far behind Pakistan, China in nuclear technology: experts

    Those were 20 KT bombs. Today we have over 200 KT bombs. And there's a difference between Japan and countries like India and Pakistan. Japanese are way more hardworking ad have much more technological, and economic resources at their disposal compared to India and Pakistan. Pakistan has 3...
  14. jagjitnatt

    India far behind Pakistan, China in nuclear technology: experts

    A3 was in Pune till early this year. The crew was being trained in missile operations. From the place where A3 is stationed, Beijing is within its range.
  15. jagjitnatt

    India far behind Pakistan, China in nuclear technology: experts

    You're close. There are no silos though. They were earlier deployed in Pune. That's all I should say. One thing I wanna tell you is that Beijing is in range and on target.
  16. jagjitnatt

    Iran plans to deploy warships off US coast

    There is a difference between right and capability. Everyone has the right to be the next Bill Gates, but is everyone capable? Iran is shooting itself in the foot, and when US attacks, they will cry to the world how US is evil. Only the powerful can dominate the world, its been so in the past...
  17. jagjitnatt

    India far behind Pakistan, China in nuclear technology: experts

    Oh please. India already has Agni I, II, and III operational and deployed. They even recently moved a couple of Agni III to a location that I can not reveal. Prithvi series is all operational. Mirage 2000 and Jaguar will be used to deliver tactical nukes(5-25 KT), whereas missiles are for...
  18. jagjitnatt

    Pakistani Taliban 'chopped off the heads' of 7 Pakistani soldiers in South

    I wonder who thought of these Talibanis to be a strategic asset for Pakistan
  19. jagjitnatt

    My car seized by rangers.. what to do?

    All they want is some money. Get your car back ASAP, you need to bribe them. They want you to, its obvious. If you delay it, your car might not be in a condition to be driven anymore. India+Pakistan+Bangladesh = Choron ka adda

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