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    Bharatis are Sad that Netanyahu Didn't Include Indian Flag in his Tweet

    Almost all of them are white countries, guess as Indian's are not white enough hence they are not invited to the party. Keep on using whitening creams may be one day? 😁
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    PM Modi cherishes India's dual victory over Covid-19 and Australia; praise young India

    Fascist Modi must be living in some gutter basement and coming up with all this fanciful and poetic words written for him like Hitler used to utter. Indian so called confidence, positive mindset and resolution to win over adversities, the country can scale new heights in every field in the...
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    Featured Pakistan and Uzbekistan deny US military bases for Afghan mission

    Well some one at the top will come up with some insane logic like last time in emergency according to the UN charter planes are allowed to land or fly over using our airspace. Didn't we not know that not only 2 of our bases were given to US forces also in Baluchistan airbase was also in use by...
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    Featured Tunisia requests UNSC session to discuss Israeli escalation

    Bravo Tunisia Even a non significant step in this moment in time is so significant to call the UNSC. Israel was created by the West/US at the barrel of the gun this menace country needs to be put in its place by the same way, This country have lost all the moral authority and good will which...
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    Why is Biden silent while Jerusalem is burning and the Israel-Palestine conflict is exploding?

    This is partially true but actual real truth is white man life is worth multiple times more then other Dick and Harry's. Moral compass is only set to point towards non whites only considering almost all wars apart from handful in the 20th and 21'st centuries are executed by them but still they...
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    Featured Israel-Palestinian Conflict Resurgence 2021: Al-Aqsa attacks, riots, rockets, military clashes and Jerusalem conflict

    Rubbish is always going to be rubbish regardless which colour lipstick you put on or what shape hat you dressed with. How far stone can be thrown by a kid 30 yards 50 yards and what damage they can do to well protected Israeli army thug team????? Same applies to the fire works which according to...
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    30 shaheed mostly young girls. Massive bomb Afghanistan

    Tragic and sub human act of barbarism when one is left speechless. Inna lillahi wa Inna ilahi rajioun.
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    Featured Israel-Palestinian Conflict Resurgence 2021: Al-Aqsa attacks, riots, rockets, military clashes and Jerusalem conflict

    Absolutely disgraceful even our prayer places are trampled upon. Bro's who are talking about Pakistan first are forgetting one thing that our own country is created on the name of Islam/Muslim homeland too which is the same. If i am not mistaken or my memory is not lapsing and i very much hope...
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    Featured Israel-Palestinian Conflict Resurgence 2021: Al-Aqsa attacks, riots, rockets, military clashes and Jerusalem conflict

    Ours are just sold out for the financial, material or power gains. Disgrace to all the Muslim leaders no wonder why all the Muslim countries have got so many problems regardless of the wealth and the resources.
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    Here Is Why China Is Always So Ugly In the eyes of Western Media!

    They are preaching to the rest of the World healthy competition, hard work, fair play and rule based values. Towards China its all drops into the China sea and Jealousy takes over and they are simply saying we don't like your successes, hard work, why aren't you poor and simply we don't like...
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    Huge cache of arms & ammunition recovered in 3 diff IBO's across the country - May 2021

    We keep on finding the stash's and may be make few arrests and then courts release them and vicious cycle continues. Why not offer an amnesty for 2 weeks to hand over any such material. After that set up some anti terrorist courts which decide in 48 hours fate of any one caught just be...
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    Humanity died too, Indian teen Tries To Give Water To Covid Positive Father In Andhra, Stopped By Mother

    Its extremely sad what India is going through regardless of differences and issues between the two nations of ours, we wish India well. Its sad what families have to go through in this day an age and people are dying like in dark ages. Blame lies with the government and ultimately at the door...
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    Saudi Arabia releases never-before-seen images. 🕋

    That's original and are you for real?
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    4 FC soldiers martyred, 6 injured in terrorist attack on Pak-Afghan border, 3 Soldiers martyred and 6 Injured in Waziristan.

    I always wonder why we got those drones as they are not protecting our soldiers then what those drones are used for and any reason for not using them? Pattern of attacks is clear then why don't we use counter measures.
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    EU efforts to ratify China investment deal ‘suspended’ after sanctions

    EU don't need to be in the US lap like a poodle and waging tail to every US make belief wish list. Both economies need each other and its in their mutual interests to sort out the differences. EU shouldn't be trigger happy to impose sanctions and don't expect a response from the China in return.
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    Featured US could Sanction Pakistan post-Withdrawal; Rubin

    Time has moved on so does US needs to move on too and taking off the list off non Nato ally makes a lot of difference since we are getting plenty of benefits. Threats against Pakistan hasn't worked before so what makes them to think sanctioning us again will make us to do things any different...
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    Pak to start production of high tech Al-Khalid 2 tank

    Are we following the Arjun route and wait and wait and nothing to show for and at the mean time current fleet is getting obsolete and technology is moving on. Then we are going to be forced into off the shelf solutions and how can one compensate for the lost time. Why we ended up buying VT4 if...
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    Pak to start production of high tech Al-Khalid 2 tank

    All goobli goo. When Western world have got an issue they don't get scared they go out and get their finger out and sort out the issue and find the solution. These kind of kids statements will work for the people in Pakistan who can be entertained by eye catchy headlines but not on this forum...
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    Major Gaurav Arya: How to spread terrorism in Pakistan?

    Why Pakistan doesn't takes him to UN and put a ban like they did with Azer Mahmood and put him on the terrorist list.
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    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

    This is the tragedy of Pakistan unless and until the hard working officials of ours benefits are not taken care of all their is an empty talk and no action. Even foreign companies have to take care of their ego's and financial benefits. Selflessness, planning, work ethics and foresight takes a...

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