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  1. Lockheed F-16

    Nixon and India

    Kissinger referred to Indians as bastards Suman Guha Mozumder in New York | Former US president Richard Nixon and his secretary of state Henry Kissinger did not have a good opinion of Indians in general, and of then prime minister Indira Gandhi in particular – and that is putting it...
  2. Lockheed F-16

    Kayani in Germany

    COAS Kayani with german Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung General Schneiderhan and Kayani are greeted "" "" "" """ "" ""
  3. Lockheed F-16

    Taliban warns people on radio against supporting Pak forces

    Taliban warns people on radio against supporting Pak forces Taliban have taken to airwaves to issue warnings to people of restive NWFP against supporting Pakistani security forces in their crackdown against them. Clandestine Taliban radio stations are issuing diktats to the people abide...
  4. Lockheed F-16

    Al Qaeda may have infiltrated UK spy body’

    Al Qaeda may have infiltrated UK spy body’ * Anti-terror body head asks govt to ensure vetting process is as tight as possible LONDON: The head of a British parliamentary counter-terrorism committee called on the government to clarify whether Al Qaeda operatives had tried to...
  5. Lockheed F-16

    Match-fixing in PAK Cricket has returned!

    Pakistan players approached by Indian bookies: report KARACHI: The menace of match-fixing reared its ugly head again on Wednesday with a media report claiming that Pakistan cricketers were approached by bookmakers in Colombo during the recently-concluded Test series against Sri Lanka. Some...
  6. Lockheed F-16

    Plane crash leaves 17 dead, 19 injured in northern Iran

    TEHRAN: An Iranian passenger plane skidded off the runway during landing in northeast Iran and crashed, leaving its front a tangled mass of wreckage and killing 17 people, the state news agency said. Footage from Iran’s Press TV showed the plane sitting at an angle, its tail awkwardly on the...
  7. Lockheed F-16

    Visit this for newest IAF Prototype

    Because of the dumbness of some members and their not available sense of humour, I request the MODs to close this thread. I am leaving this forum for a while now- how do you say? Alvida Doston! :angry:
  8. Lockheed F-16

    Captured US Soldier in FATA?

    WASHINGTON: Taliban forces may have spirited a missing US soldier from Afghanistan to neighbouring Pakistan, reports US television network ABC News. It said that two people involved in US and Afghan military efforts to locate Bowe R. Bergdahl were of the opinion that moving the GI across the...
  9. Lockheed F-16

    Afridi to Pak Army: I play for you

    My performance is for the soldiers fighting in Swat: Afridi KARACHI: Shahid Afridi could be at the helm of Pakistan’s title defense in the 2010 World Twenty20 championship in the Caribbean in nine months time. But the seasoned all-rounder is not really happy about it. It’s not that Afridi...
  10. Lockheed F-16

    Pakistan-origin German jailed for eight years

    BERLIN: A German court jailed for eight years a German man of Pakistani origin on Monday for helping to fund and supply Al Qaeda in Pakistan’s northwest frontier region. The 47-year-old, identified only as Aleem N., was arrested in February 2008 and charged with giving 27,000 euros (38,000...
  11. Lockheed F-16

    At least 140 dead in ethnic Chinese riots: state media

    URUMQI: China said on Monday at least 140 people were killed in rioting by Muslim Uighurs in its restive Xinjiang region in the deadliest ethnic unrest reported in the country for decades. The violence in the regional capital Urumqi on Sunday involved thousands of people, and the official...
  12. Lockheed F-16

    New Al Qaeda book on 'Muslim spies' released on internet

    A mountain bear DUBAI: A new book published by Al Qaeda shows that the terrorist group is under intense pressure and in "deathly fear" of U.S. counterterrorism efforts in Pakistan, terror experts say. The 150-page book, titled "Guide to the Laws Regarding Muslim Spies," was recently...
  13. Lockheed F-16

    Mullen's praise to PA

    WASHINGTON: The operations in Swat and other areas of the NWFP have encouraged the United States to believe that Pakistan is capable to conducting a similar offensive in South Waziristan, America’s top military official told a briefing in Washington on Tuesday. Admiral Mike Mullen...
  14. Lockheed F-16

    Umpire killed in Cricket match!!

    Cricket A cricket umpire died at the weekend after being hit on the head by a ball thrown by a fielder. Alcwyn Jenkins, 72, was officiating on Saturday in a local league match at the St Helen's ground in Swansea, South Wales when the accident happened. He was airlifted to hospital but died...
  15. Lockheed F-16

    US rejects Indian concern

    Updated at: 1541 PST, Wednesday, July 01, 2009 WASHINGTON: Brushing aside Indian concerns on American assistance for Pakistan, the United States has said the Indians should not worry about Washington’s support for Islamabad and rather back the effort to ratchet up its neighbor’s ability to...
  16. Lockheed F-16

    Police kill 5 terrorists in Gadap encounter

    Breaking news just came in that in a shooting In Karachi at the Highway, 5 Baitullah terrorists have been shot dead
  17. Lockheed F-16

    Woolmers son praises Younus

    Woolmer’s son praises Younus Dale visited Pakistan more than once and stayed in Lahore with his father spoke warmly about the people of Pakistan and described them friendly. —AP/File photo LAHORE: Dale Woolmer, son of Pakistan’s late coach Bob Woolmer, said captain...
  18. Lockheed F-16

    Cricket video game

    Hey there, does anyone know abt a cricket game for XBOX 360 where Pakistan team is licensed,too or can someone tell me if it is going to be released in near future? thx

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