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  1. ganimi kawa

    Countdown for GSLV-F05 launch (First operational flight of indigenous cryogenic engine)

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/science/Isro-starts-countdown-for-GSLV-F05-launch/articleshow/54045874.cms Isro starts countdown for GSLV-F05 launch The countdown for the launch of Isro's advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR on-board GSLV-F05 commenced at 11.10 hours on Wednesday...
  2. ganimi kawa

    India's first 737-based P-8I nears flight debut

    India's first 737-based P-8I nears flight debut Boeing is close to conducting the first flight of a 737-800-based P-8I maritime patrol aircraft for the Indian navy, with its first example having emerged at the manufacturer’s Renton Field assembly site in Washington :bounce...
  3. ganimi kawa

    BARC scientists recover uranium, cobalt-60 from nuclear waste

    BARC scientists recover uranium, cobalt-60 from nuclear waste - Mumbai - DNA Use of radiation-resistant micro-organisms have enabled scientists of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) to recover heavy metals like uranium and cadmium and radionuclides such as cobalt-60 from radioactive...
  4. ganimi kawa

    Missile interceptor successfully tested!

    Repeat thread, requesting mods to delete this one!
  5. ganimi kawa

    Alert! Indian naval band performance live on DD!

    Switch on the national channel! A very nice program being telecast live, with Indian Naval band presenting many of the best tunes ever!:mps: Do not miss it! A rendition of "Vaishanv Jan to tene" with some great saxophone being played now.
  6. ganimi kawa

    IAI, DRDO on Course to Integrate Barak-8 on the First Vessel in 2012!

    GO NAVY!!! :bounce::bounce::bounce: IAI, DRDO on Course to Integrate Barak-8 on the First Vessel in 2012 Test firing of the Barak 8 missile is expected this year. “Testing will be conducted in India and is part of the responsibilities of our strategic partner in this program...
  7. ganimi kawa

    Indian Hypersonic Technology thread.

    Ok guys, first of all sorry for the extreme delay in writing this post about HSTDV and it's progress so far (esp. the scramjet testing.) I could not keep my promise courtesy my HoD, may he miss all world cup matches :sick:! I've decided to start a different thread as we have more than 2...
  8. ganimi kawa

    Crucial Indian Cruise Missile Tests In A Year.

    AERO INDIA: Crucial Indian Cruise Missile Tests In A Year (From livefist) India's Nirbhay subsonic medium range cruise missile (MRCM) was supposed to have been visible this year at Aero India. Unfortunately it isn't. However, the programme is finally all set for its first test flight early...
  9. ganimi kawa

    Aero India 2013

    Guys, here is a gist of some of the papers and keynote addresses from the Aero India seminar 2011. Please note that... 1. This is a gist and I'm not quoting the speakers directly. 2. I'm just giving out points which will be of extreme importance for jingoes out there. 3. I'm not...
  10. ganimi kawa

    India's UCAV To Be A Neuron Clone?

    India's UCAV To Be A Neuron Clone? I've bolded the single important sentence in this writeup. The rest is heavy duty speculation by armchair general extraordinaire Mr. Shiv Aroor! Though, I would not mind at all, if we churn out AURA as a neuron copy in this decade! This kinda looks...
  11. ganimi kawa

    Dr. Saraswat annual Address to DRDO : Some pleasant surprises! (HELINA Launched!)

    DRDO Newsletter Jan 2010 Just mentioning the most interesting snippets, there's a lot more for those interested in the link. So, HELINA has been tested multiple times. :yahoo: Also an active radar seeker means things are well on track for Akash mk2 (ARH type):yahoo: 1. I think he is...
  12. ganimi kawa

    Justice for Late Wg Cdr Vikas Jetly Petition campaign!

    Guys, I will ask nothing of you but to just go through these articles from Tarmak007 blog, and decide for yourself! 1.IAF’s top Sarang stunt pilot Wg Cdr Jetly dies 2. Sarang team’s top stunt pilot dies after 4 years in coma following Dhruv crash; wife pleads with IAF for...
  13. ganimi kawa

    Arjun mk II ready for trial!

    Summer trials this year of upgraded indigenous battle tank:victory::victory::victory: I repeat, within a year!....... :victory: ^^ Yes, we can!:mps::mps:
  14. ganimi kawa

    Indian Navy Pushes For More Technological Self-Reliance

    And this is why I love Indian Navy!:smitten: These Navy dudes are really comitted towards having a "builder's navy"! Indian Army really needs to start taking some notes :devil: ( IAF seems to have started doing just that!).:angel: What do you think guys, would it be feasible for the IA...
  15. ganimi kawa

    Tejas- The Development Story!

    Posting the first part of this huge write up in the week about Tejas development. I'll post the other part soon, please bear with me. On our own wings Some interesting points here..... To be continued.....
  16. ganimi kawa

    Best of 2010: Snapshots of Indian defense & aviation (Pics from MoD)

    These photos, released by the Directorate of Public Relations (DPR), Department of Defense (DoD), Ministry of Defense (MoD), today, give a glimpse of India's achievements in defense and aviation in the Year 2010. (Via Tarmak) Best Of IAF Shall be posting others soon!
  17. ganimi kawa

    Akashdeep: DRDO tests surveillance technologies successfully on A

    India's akashdeep is ready: DRDO's Agra lab tests critical surveillance technologies successfully on Aerostat The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)’s Agra-based lab -- the Aerial Delivery Research & Development Establishment (ADRDE) – has successfully...
  18. ganimi kawa

    Navy Day Press meet: CNS Admiral Nirmal Verma

    Navy Day Press meet: CNS Admiral Nirmal Verma Check the complete version on Tarmak007. Points of interest in this address are *Capability Building 1.There are, presently, 36 ships and submarines on order in various Indian shipyards. 2.the construction of our Indigenous Aircraft Carrier...
  19. ganimi kawa

    DRDO Techfocus Dec 2010 issue; huge info on Indian UAV program

    Guys, please check out this Dec 2010 issue of DRDO magazine 'Techfocus'! This one is focusing on Indian UAV program and is a treasure trove of info on the topic. Please go through it. Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Technologies I can't stress this enough, please go through it. Some...
  20. ganimi kawa

    Two years after 26/11, coastal security builds muscle

    Two years after 26/11, coastal security builds muscle Two years after ten Pakistani terrorists sailed undetected from Karachi to Mumbai and exposed multiple vulnerabilities in India’s internal security, the government’s most successful response has perhaps been in boosting coastal...

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