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  1. jkroo

    China to spend $315 bn on power grid to push clean energy

    Green technology, green China. Good. I notice that AndrewJin , Jlaw were all banned. What happened? Why so many members were banned recently?
  2. jkroo

    A message to Chinese members, what's your opinion about the model?

    I post something last night and I try to build a model of role of forum participants and so on. I want to know your opinions to improve this model. Any suggestions? 以上的概念模型是我借鉴了易经八卦的一些概念,希望能论坛参与者进行理性沟通有所帮助。 (太极生两仪,两仪生四象,四象生八卦)...
  3. jkroo

    FK-1000 A short-medium surface to air missile weapon system

    It seems that a new defence system was ready to export several years back. :coffee:
  4. jkroo

    How can we promote our economy ties and growth?

    Salam, My dear Pakistani friends. I am from China and watching PDF for some times. Usually, I visit 2 subforums - China & Far East and Chinese Defence Forum. This is my first post in this subforum. Recently, I observed economic news & relationship of our coutries. I think we should and we...