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  1. x_man

    A short trip to Dhaka , Bangladesh

    A week back I operated a roundtrip flight to Dhaka. Aircraft was Boeing 747-300 classic registration AP-BFY. Our passengers (around 450) were mostly Bangladeshi citizens who were on transit from Middle East. Our departure from Karachi was on time and heading east we soon entered Indian...
  2. x_man

    747-400 Down near Dubai

    A UPS cargo plane has been involved in an accident in Dubai. At approximately 12 p.m. EST, UPS Flight 6 from Dubai, UAE, to Cologne, DE, a 747-400 with two crewmembers on board crashed on takeoff. At this time, we have not confirmed any casualties. "Safety is a key priority for UPS," said...
  3. x_man

    An Alternative Approach for Afghanistan

    Don’t Try to Arrest the Sea: An Alternative Approach for Afghanistan Major Mehar Omar Khan, Pakistan Army Over the last three months that I’ve spent in the United States, I’ve heard with concern and trepidation the growing calls for a possible pull out from Afghanistan. No sane citizen of...
  4. x_man

    Lost for words on Indian Media...Just BS !!!

    Anyone seen this....The most pythetic display of reporting I have ever seen...Any/ every Indian who watched todays match should be ashamed on such an immature display by their media..:hitwall: :hitwall:
  5. x_man

    PAF Air Refueling Capability

    A couple of Mirages have been modified by PAF to carry out air-air refueling tests. The ground and dry air tests been successful, hopefully when IL-76 ( refuelers) arrive soon, a full fledge capability for the whole fleet will be provided….Few snaps from one of the Mirages…Post some...
  6. x_man

    A usual day in a Squadron

    A fighter squadron is perhaps the most happening place as far a days work is concerned. ADAs, scrambles, meeting take off slots, landing slots, aborts, aircomabt, gunnery, bombing etc etc : all happeing in few hours. Follwing are few glimses for few hours of operations. [/IMG] [/IMG]...
  7. x_man

    PAF Fire Power 2009

    Following are the pics from the last Fire Power Demonstration held at Somiani range near Karachi. I am starting with the prepatory phase and the rest will follow later. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  8. x_man

    KHODA !!

    Stumbled upon it while finding something else, not sure if its been posted here before. Its a small art film by Reza Dolatabadi which, whenever you pause it, becomes a painting. Takes about 5 minutes to watch...enjoy Octo-Dancing...loved the soundtrack... Check out their site...
  9. x_man

    Go Thunder Go...

    Few pilots, engineers, flight surgeons and the gorgeous of all: The JF-17 Thunder…:pakistan: "I am releasing these images under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC-BY-SA)."
  10. x_man


    In 1962 the Pentagon and the CIA were desperate for a war with Cuba. How desperate? Desperate enough to plan attacks against American bases, equipment and personnel. Desperate enough to dress up American trained Cubans as Communists to make the attacks on American bases. Desperate enough to...
  11. x_man


    John Lennon may not be an angel or a pious guy himself but he definitely had a very sensitive and humane side to him…In the chaotic and messy world of today, his words feels like a breath of fresh air … His words are probably more effective than those useless world leaders, mullahs, priests...
  12. x_man

    Gallant Christians of PAF

    In continuation with a similar ongoing discussion in another thread, I thought it would be appropriate to start another one that exclusively deals with the role of Christian officers in PAF….I will present here a brief look at the citations of these officers who were awarded with Sitara-e-Jurat...
  13. x_man

    B-2 Bomber bites the dust...worlds most expensive crash..

    First B-2 takes off fine but the second one hits the dirt. Watch closely, both pilots eject a second before impact.. *video doesnt have sound. ********.com - B-2 Bomber Crash Video #2 Whatever the Inquiry board finds later on, but looking at the video, the immediate cause does...
  14. x_man

    Microsoft Vista Users ,Your opinion please !!!

    Hi I was intending to treat myself with a new Laptop and want to get the Windows Vista but all my present h/ware i.e. Printer, scanner and Photo editor are configured for XP drivers and I have no idea if Vista will pick them automatically or will these behave properly. I have never used...
  15. x_man

    Homosexuality, Apostasy, Blasphemy: What does Islam say ?

    Personal opinions aside please, can anybody tell me what are the punishments for the following sins in Islam? Homosexuality Apostasy, and Blasphemy (God and Prophets) The question was arisen here in UK, where one of my fellow non-Muslim colleagues asked me about these. Many...
  16. x_man

    RAF personnel ordered not to wear uniforms in public !!!

    During MQM crisis in 90s, Balochistan insurgency in 2005 and at few other occasions’ officers of our Armed Forces were restricted to wear uniform outside base / Cantt premises and in few cases also exempted from taking hair cuts etc. It seems that Royal Air Force is also facing similar problem...
  17. x_man

    Was The Apollo Moon Landing Fake?

    Please find below few excerpts from the original article ( as it was too big to copy paste here). What do you guys think, did man really set foot on the moon or it was just a big hoax? Few years’ back I also read somewhere that Neil Armstrong's heard the sound of Athaan as he landed on the...
  18. x_man

    Worlds most Polluted cities.

    2 cities in top3.....India needs to do some cleaning up!! link:BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Finding green in the concrete jungle
  19. x_man

    Humour In Uniform

    Hi Too much seriousness has been going on here with all the military / Political/Religious discussions, maybe its time to lighten our moods a bit and have a little smile. I know there is a thread for JOKES, but I wanted to start a new one exclusively for Humour related with Uniform. We have...
  20. x_man

    Slaves forever!

    I still can’t believe that so many people are still so content with the present situation, praising Gen Mush on his imposition of emergency and assuming that life will be peachy as it was before. It’s portrayed that the culprits and problem creators who are responsible for the...

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