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  1. warrior_pk

    Pakistan vs West Indies - March 23rd, 2011 - Cricket World Cup 2011

    Congrats to everyone on this glorious win and the achievement in general on reaching the semis.this is special bcuz every time we go out there to play for last 8 to 10 months we are not playing just against that one team but its mostly us against the whole world who love to write us off at every...
  2. warrior_pk

    Pakistan vs New Zealand (cricket series)

    Live Cricket - Watch Cricket Streaming - Watch Live Cricket Australia, England, Pakistan, New Zealand you can watch almost any match live here.they broadcast live streams of almost every match played between test playing nations.
  3. warrior_pk

    Raymond Davis Case: Developing Story

    We should all understand now how the people of afghanistan must be feeling bcuz incidents like this are a common practice there.these fear ridden americans even kill the allied troops and later call it friendly fire..why just bcuz they so damm scared all the time that even when a fly moves their...
  4. warrior_pk

    Raymond Davis Case: Developing Story

    American passport he holds given him the right brother.this is not an isolated incident just so happens it happened in a busy place in a main urban city.things like these happen on hourly basis in tribal areas.where are all of us then all of our so called very robust media,truth is we are just a...
  5. warrior_pk

    Pakistani mother enrolls in first grade

    there is actually a great lesson in this that you can seek knowledge and wisdom whenever and from wherever.Mostly older people tend to reject gud advice and gud opinions and suggestions from younger people just because they think they know it all but you can learn a good thing from a child and...
  6. warrior_pk

    MQM responsible for target killing in Karachi: Sanaullah

    whose men well they are only men of their families who will be suffering after them ask their wives and childs and u will know whose men are they but thanx for telling us that we live in wild wild west where men are hired as gun fighters to fight for their lords(but even those lords had the...
  7. warrior_pk

    MQM responsible for target killing in Karachi: Sanaullah

    Establishment,talibanization and feudalism...whats the common norm in all these three well they all rule by fear..fear of life,fear of everyday's bread and butter and fear of being propelled to moon(and that too without a space craft wow) if you agree to disagree.how is mqm any different to the...
  8. warrior_pk

    MQM responsible for target killing in Karachi: Sanaullah

    Wait and see what ???? that how many more people are targeted and killed...the whole world will keep lying and the poor people will keep dying..a gud mantra as per u init...u be safe mate and dnt wory about all those innocent souls its collateral who gives a fcuk i mean how dare they think that...
  9. warrior_pk

    MQM responsible for target killing in Karachi: Sanaullah

    subjugation of muhajirs by punjabis???? do u even know the meaning....millions of people migrated to Pakistan 47 onwards from sub-continental Punjab, their primary language was punjabi, they settled down in Punjab and now characterized as punjabis..so now they are not muhajirs?? read up some...
  10. warrior_pk

    MQM responsible for target killing in Karachi: Sanaullah

    Yeh the whole nation saw that education on national tv a few days in a verbal spat...kudos to such education and lingo...we should all enroll ourselves in mqm school of educated and civil politics eh? :tdown:
  11. warrior_pk

    MQM responsible for target killing in Karachi: Sanaullah

    What Pakistan needs is for us to become Pakistanis and start acting on it too not just talk talk...For god sake its been 63 years get up and smell the rat(and kick it in da bak side)... Ps.Imran is not bad but will this current system allow him to get in power and if so then stay in it...
  12. warrior_pk

    MQM responsible for target killing in Karachi: Sanaullah

    The day we will stop acting as punjabis,pathans,balochis,sindhis,muhajirs and whoz who of certain regions and start acting as Pakistanis all these problems will subside easily.but as we all know that day inst coming soon so sit back and get traumatized for visible eternity.......... Its just...
  13. warrior_pk

    MQM responsible for target killing in Karachi: Sanaullah

    SO you are trying to tell us that u nearly got shot because your colour is brown.In punjab brownish complexion is pre dominant and there are loads of pathans and pushthons living here but they dont kill us because we are brown and we dont kill them because they are whitish.Same goes for KP where...
  14. warrior_pk

    Amir Khan in Pakistan

    you can watch it here. Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com - Boxing champ sees Pakistan flood zone
  15. warrior_pk

    Which Political party do you support?

    Well no one really but Imran khan is a good honest person and can lead pakistan to some respect and prosperity but i highly doubt he will come to power due to many reasons and he also have failed to capitalize on these last 3 years.He could have built strong base in non urban poor areas where...
  16. warrior_pk

    Chinese nationalism goes viral

    It is more western propaganda that Chinese media is the mouth piece of Chinese government but you said it right it is reliable and mostly provides information on official policies and because some people don't like them they try to taint the whole thing by saying oh look there is no freedom of...
  17. warrior_pk

    Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani arrives in Sri Lanka

    Love and respect for our sri Lankan brothers.We should make our traditional friendship more and more strong as per the need of time.:cheers:
  18. warrior_pk

    2 Pakistani aircraft detected flying close to Indian air space: IAF

    Yh so we are rolling in our own house aka in our own airspace but this clearly shows yours paranoia.