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  1. hitenray09

    India to base first squadron of Rafale fighter jets in Bengal

    Guys..you are forgetting Kalaikunda Air base is important for building air battle tactics...any new aircraft bought by India...is labored here to develop air tactics....so its natural to base Rafale 1st squadron here..all else is just anti - china/ Fearing PAF is bull$hit of fanboys..
  2. hitenray09

    India to base first squadron of Rafale fighter jets in Bengal

    NEW DELHI: India will base its first squadron of Rafale fighter jets, which are also capable of delivering nuclear weapons, in the eastern sector as part of the overall policy to gradually build nuclear as well as conventional deterrence against China. With Sukhoi-30MKI fighters already...
  3. hitenray09

    India's War Budget World's 3rd Biggest Despite High Poverty

    Seriously and people are talking about hungry iIndians can be cross checked here http://ghi.ifpri.org/trends/
  4. hitenray09

    awaiting results..but the ques paper was surely set by Modi..lol..ques dominated related to his...

    awaiting results..but the ques paper was surely set by Modi..lol..ques dominated related to his policies rather dan current affairs and polity
  5. hitenray09

    Is Modi affecting Foreign policy of India ?

    Thats why i said lets work together..didn't I:)numbers can be a a strength in itself..
  6. hitenray09

    Is Modi affecting Foreign policy of India ?

    In the last 2 years, Indian foreign policy has taken a tectonic shift. The change is astounding, for once..the brand India , is making noise..well its for good or bad..only time can tell.. But , lets not forget..what India is aspiring to be? what its goals are? So, in this context the ongoing...
  7. hitenray09

    Now, India turns to Russia for mega defence deals

    Sorry Missed out the link part...my mistake
  8. hitenray09

    Now, India turns to Russia for mega defence deals

    Title says: Now, India turns to Russia for mega defence deals its just Army exercises..wheres deal in here.
  9. hitenray09

    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions [Thread 2]

    NEW DELHI: The multi-billion Euro deal for 36 Rafales moved a step closer to a decision as the file on the fighter jets has been sent to the Prime Minister's Office for final review and clearance. Defence sources said on Thursday the final report submitted by a team negotiating the...
  10. hitenray09

    India Cancels Deal for Six Airbus Tankers

    NEW DELHI: India is now planning "a direct strategic purchase" of six flight refuelling aircraft (FRA) or tankers to enhance the reach of its fighter jets, bombers and surveillance aircraft after the bid to acquire them through global tenders failed twice over the last decade. Consequently, the...
  11. hitenray09

    India 'not forthcoming' on resuming comprehensive dialogue, Pakistan envoy at UN

    NEW YORK: India is "not forthcoming" in resuming comprehensive dialogue with Pakistan and such an attitude is "impeding" prospects of normalization of bilateral relations, Pakistan's envoy to the UN has said. Pakistan's permanent representative to the UN ambassador Maleeha Lodhi told a group of...
  12. hitenray09

    woman sentenced in scheme to send defense drawings to India

    TRENTON – A North Brunswick woman, who was the former owner of two New Jersey defense contracting businesses, was sentenced Thursday to 57 months in prison for conspiring to send sensitive military technical data to India, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman and Assistant Attorney General for National...
  13. hitenray09

    Army hones proactive strategy with massive exercise in Thar

    NEW DELHI: Honing its "proactive war strategy" to swiftly mobilise and hit hard with multiple conventional military strikes across the Pakistan border, the Indian Army is conducting a massive exercise, codenamed "Shatrujeet", in the Thar desert. Several armoured, artillery and infantry...
  14. hitenray09

    ON A LIGHTER NOTE: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on sale for Rs 62 lakh on eBay

    Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been put on sale for 66,200 pounds (Rs 62 lakh approximately) on UK page of ecommerce website eBay. The person who has put him on sale describes him as 'Useless Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif'. "Used Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for sale. No longer...
  15. hitenray09

    China will not allow India into NSG: Pakistani diplomat

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is banking on good friend China to block India's chances of making it to the coveted Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), a former Pakistani diplomat has said, adding that "chances of India gaining entry into NSG are virtually nil". Zamir Akram, Pakistan's former permanent...
  16. hitenray09

    US too has suffered from terrorism emanating from Pakistan: Ashton Carter

    NEW DELHI: Staunchly supporting India's counter-terrorism efforts and strongly condemning terrorism emanating from anywhere in India, defense secretary Ashton Carter on Tuesday said the US too has suffered from terrorism emanating from Pakistan. "We too have suffered from terrorism emanating...
  17. hitenray09

    India, US agree to share military logistics for warships, aircraft

    NEW DELHI: India and the United States have agreed in principle to share military logistics, US defense secretary Ashton Carter said on Tuesday, as both sides seek to counter the growing maritime assertiveness of China. Washington has been urging New Delhi to sign the Logistics Support...
  18. hitenray09

    India on the lookout for fighters apart from Rafales

    HASIMARA (NORTH BENGAL): The Indian Air Force (IAF) is hunting for fighter aircraft apart from the Rafale medium multi-role combat ones and the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) to meet the existing shortage, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha said after the handing over of Presidential Standards...
  19. hitenray09

    India stealing/copying US military hardware designs?

    Mate no one is losing job here, especially the above mentioned nations..if you google out..you will find that because of the JVs and deals they are doing..these nations will get royalty or payment..while you can invest the money into starting new job opportunities.and these JV help friendly...