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    National defense day 2020

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    Iran’s Lake Urmia: How A Dying Salt Lake Is Being Brought Back From The Brink

    Very happy to see this lake coming back. Interesting enough western Media coverage is not nearly as intense when the lake is expanding compared to when it was shrinking...
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    Friendly Fire Incident Or a major plot?

    In more than 40 years we have not suffered major friendly fire accidents. In 2020 we already have a second major case. I am not totally convinced that this is not some kind of a plot. Just think about this for a second. What is the best way to topple IRI? It sure isn't sanctions or war. These...
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    Amazing advancement by depleted Syrian forces against terrorist factions

    when this war is over, Syria will have hands down the best prepared army in the entire ME! Battle hardened!
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    In standoff with Iran, U.S. sailors say the threat level was unlike anything they had seen in years

    American nationalistic perspective so take it for what it is... ABOARD THE USS NORMANDY IN THE NORTH ARABIAN SEA — The captain of this warship loaded with Tomahawk missiles delivered the news to his crew: Hours earlier, the United States had killed Iran's most powerful military commander in a...
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    The real reason for why Ghassem Soleimani was murdered

    This piece is in Swedish so hope google translate is good enough. IMO very read worthy for my fellow Hamvatans! It’s very rare to have such objectivity and real knowledge about our region which she possess. Highly recommended...
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    Pakistani relations - Opportunities and Risks - Iran

    I am curious to hear what Risks and Opportunities you see with the countries that Pakistan has interactions with. I would like to ask you to write the best case and worse case scenarios. Let's start with Pakistan-Iran relations in this thread and if it works out fine then maybe we can open a...

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