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  1. Koovie

    How Neanderthal DNA Affects Your Genome

    Ancient members of our species had sex with Neanderthals. That lineage contributes to 1–3% of the DNA in almost everyone outside of sub-Saharan Africa today. This much we know. When, where, and how often is a bit more murky. Studies published this year have narrowed down the timeframe of this...
  2. Koovie

    Tu 95 intercepts from trough the time

    Fighter jets come and go, but the Bear never changes.... The ‘Tupolev Tu-95 (NATO name ”Bear”) is the most successful Tupolev strategic bomber from the times of the Soviet Union. The Bear is the fastest propeller-driven aircraft ever built powered by four turboprop engines, each driving...
  3. Koovie

    Indian troops at the 2015 V-Day parade in Moscow?

    I just found this on BBC... Russia unveils new Armata tank for WW2 victory parade Russia has unveiled a new-generation battle tank called Armata T-14 ahead of World War Two Victory Day celebrations on 9 May. It is among several new weapons systems featuring in a vast parade on 9 May. It is...
  4. Koovie

    India not to criminalise marital rape

    Utterly disgusting reasoning... if it happens without consent, its rape and a crime! India not to criminalise marital rape India will not make marital rape a crime because of cultural and religious values and society’s belief that marriage is a sacrament, the government said on Wednesday...
  5. Koovie

    A fighter pilot helmet with 360 degrees of sky

    Look at this at this interesting new feature:
  6. Koovie

    The Danish Women in Combat Roles

    The Danish Women in Combat Roles With debate continuing to rage over whether women should take up combat roles, Forces TV has been to a country for whom they have been fighting on the front line since 1988. Emma Nelson went to Denmark to see what effect it has had on the armed forces there...
  7. Koovie

    First HAL/UAC MRTA promo video!

    PS: I know, it should be MTA and not MRTA, and I dont know why the thumbnail is showing a IL2
  8. Koovie

    Delhi students’ Valentine's Day mission: Beat moral cops

    NEW DELHI: It looks like Delhi's student community has decided to stand united against moral policing what with Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha threatening to hold forced marriages for twosomes and 'shuddhikaran' rituals for inter-religious couples seen in public on V-Day. Another outfit, Hindu...
  9. Koovie

    DRDO overview video

  10. Koovie

    Shocking (Not to any Indian) Ambulance experiment

    Imagine you or a loved one is the one who needs medical help
  11. Koovie

    Love Letters to Richard Dawkins

    Some hate mails sent to the popular evolutionary biologist and writer Richard Dawkins: Always a pleasure to listen to frustrated non rational religious nutheads:
  12. Koovie

    Wojtek the Bear: The Nazis' Furriest Enemy

    Wojtek the Bear: The Nazis' Furriest Enemy The tale is bizarre, but true. During World War II, an orphaned brown bear went from being a cuddly pet to an officially enlisted soldier in the Polish army, and reportedly saw fierce combat in Italy. Decades after the war and his death, "Wojtek"...
  13. Koovie

    Crazy Brazilian cops shoot at suspects from helicopter in urban area

    No wonder so many Brazilians hate their police :lol: Look at the several bystanders at the road...
  14. Koovie

    More than 100 bodies recovered from India's Ganges

    More than 100 bodies recovered from India's Ganges More than 100 bodies have been found in the river Ganges in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, prompting the authorities to order a probe. Reports said the bodies were of people who were dumped in the river or buried on the banks...
  15. Koovie

    Beretta ARX-160, Colt M4, and Galil Ace fail evaluation

    Indian Army kicks off final carbine trials Rahul Bedi, New Delhi - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly 19 June 2014 The Indian Army began the final round of confirmatory trials in support of its requirement for 44,618 close quarter battle (CQB) 5.56 mm carbines and 33.6 million rounds of ammunition on 9...
  16. Koovie

    Rise of the Private Military

    You thoughts on this?
  17. Koovie

    Modi warns MPs not to cross 'lakshman rekha'

    Modi warns MPs not to cross 'lakshman rekha' Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu leave after the BJP Parliamentary Party meeting at Parliament in New Delhi on Tuesday. In a stern warning to BJP MPs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asked...
  18. Koovie

    Lazy Iraqi Police get motivational speech

    Well I am not a fan of the US policy that led to the invasion of Iraq... but this US soldiers little speech has some beef into it. Its not surprising that ISIS could steamroll large chunks of Iraq with such people defending it. (But of course there were men who stood and held their ground to...

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