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    India's nuclear Arsenal is weaker than Pakistan's nuclear Arsenal

    India conducted five nuclear tests in 1997 and then claimed to have nuclear weapons. India claimed the largest nuclear test had a yield of 20,000 tons. But Western intelligence estimates put the total yield of the five nuclear tests at less than 20,000 tons. India's largest nuclear test has a...
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    India no longer needs the COVID-19 vaccine!

    Great India no longer needs the COVID-19 vaccine. At least 780 million people have been infected! India's government committee responsible for COVID-19 forecasts recently sent out a big message, believing that at least 780 million people in the country have been infected with COVID-19!
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    Failed Modi abandoned by US?

    According to the Russian satellite news agency reported on December 10, Russia's black sea fleet formally announced in February next year, and the coast of Pakistan Pakistan, China and the United States, Britain and other countries have a large joint military exercises, which is "intrepid...
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    Why doesn't Pakistan blame Australia for killing innocent Afghan civilians?

    Twenty-five Australian special Forces soldiers were involved in the murder of 39 Afghan civilians and prisoners of war between 2009 and 2013, including adult men and boys who were rounded up to shoot or blindfolded to cut their throats, and two 14-year-old boys who were pocketed and then dumped...
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    Within three years, Pakistan will be able to defeat India on its own

    In recent years, Pakistan has imported a large number of advanced weapons and equipment from China at a very low price. With the help of these advanced equipments, Pakistan will be able to fight India independently within three years. The air force Pakistan will be imported from China 100 JF -...
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    Why can't India become a developed country?

    India has been developing rapidly in recent years. Many people think that India will become a developed country in the future and even replace China as a great power with world influence. However, on closer analysis, India is unlikely to become a developed country, let alone a major power with...

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