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  1. Abid123

    DF-21D "carrier killer" missile for Pakistan?

    This just a hypothetical scenario "The Dong Feng-21D anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM), which can accurately strike aircraft carrier 1,500 kilometres away. An improved version, the Dong Feng-26, targets aircraft carriers 3,000-4,000 kilometres away". 'The DF-21 system has a warhead capable of...
  2. Abid123

    Why doesn't Lebanon buy some modern air defense systems to deny its airspace to Israel?

    Why doesn't Lebanon shoot down Israeli military jets violating its airspace? Why do they allow Israel fighter jets to fly over their airspace? I have Lebanese friends and they keep telling me how Israelis keep harassing Lebanons airspace and sovereignty. They say that Israels air force fly over...
  3. Abid123

    Why is Brazil ranked above Pakistan?

    https://www.globalfirepower.com/ #9 Brazil #10 Pakistan As you may already have seen before Pakistan is ranked number 10. Very surprising to see that Brazil is ranked on 9th place above Pakistan. Brazil air force has 47 F-5, 31 Embraer EMB 314, 46 AMX International AMX. The only modern 4th...
  4. Abid123

    Featured Saudi Arabia: Military Superpower or Paper Tiger

    Saudi Arabia: Military Superpower or Paper Tiger HASAN JAMALI ©HOLLANDSE HOOGTE Saudi soldiers fire artillery near the border with Yemen, in Jazan, Saudi Arabia, 20 April 2015. Photo AP During the US presidential campaign in 2016, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders explained his past...
  5. Abid123

    Where is Egypt getting all the money from?

    Any Egyptian brothers on here that can explain how Egypt can keep affording all these expenisve toys? I mean they have bought a SU-35, Mig-35, Rafale and even have ordered Eurofighter Typhoon. As well as 500 T-90 tanks, Type 209 Submarine, MEKO A-200 stealth frigate in the Egyptian navy...
  6. Abid123

    Which sports have potential for growth in Pakistan (besides cricket)

    In history, we have won championships in cricket, hockey and squash. And what are the sports that have the potential to be popular in Pakistan? I think we can improve ourselves in football. Our children and youth play it very well in the streets of the city, especially Makrani, Balochi and...
  7. Abid123

    Should Pakistan consider buying the Armata tank?

    The T-14 is one of just three fourth generation battle tanks in service today, alongside the South Korean K2 Black Panther and Japanese Type 10. The 2 others are also far more expensive. The unit price is only 4 million USD. Order 300-500 armata tanks in total. Should Pakistan consider it? It...
  8. Abid123

    Why has Pakistan not tested a ICBM yet?

    I think everyone here knows that Pakistan has the capability to build a ICBM missile. Why has Pakistan not tested one yet? Are there poltical reasons? Maybe international sanctions? Building a MIRV is way way complicated than ICBM. So there is no reason to doubt that Pakistan does not have ICBM...

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