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  1. FuturePAF

    Disinformation Campaign against the Palestinians

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.middleeastmonitor.com/20210514-palestine-and-the-uaes-disinformation-campaign/amp/ Article shared in fair use in case its taken down on the Middle East Monitor website. Palestine and the UAE's disinformation campaign By Ghufrane Daymi Over the past week...
  2. FuturePAF

    What does Iran plan to procure if the US rejoins JCPOA?

    The release of funds and the oil sale sanctions could see Iran get a massive amount of funds to modernize. What does Iran plan to buy. Considering how many airlines are probably retiring large parts of their fleets, what would Iran’s airlines plan to buy. Considering the next administration...
  3. FuturePAF

    Featured US could Sanction Pakistan post-Withdrawal; Rubin

    If the pattern repeat as for the last few times, it is not unlikely the US will sanction Pakistan after it withdraws from Afghanistan, and perceives it no longer needs Pakistan. The US will need someone to blame for what happened in Afghanistan (rather then the corruption of the Kabul regime)...
  4. FuturePAF

    What a White supremacist looks like

    When caught they say it was a joke, but this is what a white supremacist radical looks like.
  5. FuturePAF

    The Future of the US Marine’ Amphibious Fleet

    The Goal is for the US marines to operate from a fleet of 40-60 of these 4000 ton vessels, each only costing $100-130 million a piece. A very smart strategy; distributed lethality. Operating in squadrons of 9 of these vessels. Each will carry 75 Marines and 45 sailors. Part of the new mission...
  6. FuturePAF

    Manufacturing Security Theater

    Entrapment of overly naive or dim witted persons. All Americans should be wary of the latest round of proposed legislation to combat white supremacist because it is more likely to be used on minorities and re-enforce systemic racism.
  7. FuturePAF

    Did Kabul regime try to trick US into fighting Russia to get them to stay?

    Did the Kabul regime send bogus humint about Russian bounties (Russia-gate) to get the US to fight Russia and stay longer in Afghanistan? It might be so.
  8. FuturePAF

    Quad is perceived by Russia as Anti-Russian Military Alliance says Putin Confidant Nikonov

    It seems, Russian Foreign minister Lavrov’s visit has sent shockwaves throughout Indian establishment (25:20). This journalist indicates Indians feel the need to be reassured Russia hasn’t picked sides between China and India (14:42), while India doesn’t want Russia to penalize India for aiding...
  9. FuturePAF

    22 assault female soldier on base

    A disgusting story. After what happened at ft. Hood to that young woman you would have thought this would have been addressed but guess it’s happening in Oklahoma and probably a lot of other places. Officers up to a major general were relieved after what happened to Vanessa at Fort Hood.
  10. FuturePAF

    Maj. General Omar Bukhari the PMA Commandant - Sunehray Din

    For fans of Sunehray Din. Guess who became the Commandant :) One for upholding Discipline :pakistan: news is a few months old but might have slipped people’s notice, so I brought it up.
  11. FuturePAF

    1980: Against the Odds

    Alot of the capabilities the Pakistan military posses now had to be built up during the 1980s. A good look back at the Forces and the geo-politics of the day.
  12. FuturePAF

    Limitations in upgrading a 4th Gen fighter with 5th Gen features

    This engineer seems to bring up good points. Basic conclusion I draw from his video is the F-16 Block 60/70/ F-21 is basically the end of what can be put into the F-16 Airframe. Hence why the USAF is considering a new clean sheet design for a 4++ Gen Fighter
  13. FuturePAF

    Australian Senator demands ban on RSS, VHP

    While I mentioned this in another thread, I think it’s important enough not to get missed, which is why I’m starting this thread. While this ban may get lifted when India puts diplomatic pressure on Australia, this is the kind of linkage that needs to linger when the world thinks about these...
  14. FuturePAF

    Troops in Afghanistan ... in order to keep an eye on Nuclear Pakistan

    Mission Creep and an Emotional plea by US CJCS
  15. FuturePAF

    Have any Pakistani Officer retired to China or Turkey?

    We hear all the time, many (not all or even most) Pakistani officers (or politicians for that matter) want to move abroad when they retire? This opens Pakistan up to security risks if they move to a potentially unfriendly (in the future) nation. Considering the relations with China and Turkey...
  16. FuturePAF

    Medieval Chinese Historian Describes Islam

    An interesting series from this channel, just uploading a particularly interesting video. Good to understand what first impressions were made.
  17. FuturePAF

    GDP per capita and China’s standing

    Recently China surpasses a GDP per capita of US$10,000. This brings it into the class of many middle income countries, and ahead of nearly all its neighbors. The exception is Russia. Russian GDP per capita is still higher at approx. US $11,500. Does China anticipate a shift in behaviors or...
  18. FuturePAF

    North Korea seems to be becoming a Robust Nuclear power

    The latest North Korean military parade and five year party congress meeting highlighted some major strides they have made in their nuclear weapons program. This is definitely a program to keep an eye on. Some interesting buzz words coming out of there are SSBN, Hypersonic Glider, MIRV, ultra...
  19. FuturePAF

    The best kind of Marketing: Good Review of Pakistani Products

    This short video is the best kind of marketing; personal product reviews. Pakistani companies should find satisfied customers abroad that would be willing to make similar videos. Spread through social media, it can raise the awareness of Pakistani goods and that’s the first step in boosting...
  20. FuturePAF

    Half Pakistani guy pulls crazy stunt in Times Square

    Just in case this comes up in news feed; Pakistani and Times Square, I wanted to post this as an FYI. He’s just a guy that does stupid “pranks” for attention.

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