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  1. Abu Zolfiqar

    Pakistan’s 12 Top Biotech Students to Compete in iGEM in Boston

    https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/152652-Pakistans-12-top-biotechnology-students-to-compete-in-iGEM-in-Boston PESHAWAR: Pakistan’s first team of 12 top biotechnology undergraduate students would compete in the iGEM World Championship Jamboree in Boston, USA this fall.Students from all over the...
  2. Abu Zolfiqar

    In War Season, Beware Of Disinformation Campaigns

    Shivam Vij Contributing Editor, HuffPost India It's war season again. Like 26/11 or the 2013 border skirmishes in which an Indian soldier was beheaded, we will see a lot of stories and counter-stories, all quoting sources that are Anonymous and Top. We need to take all such stories with large...
  3. Abu Zolfiqar

    Halfway to the 2018 General Election

    Mosharraf Zaidi - Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - From Print Edition Tomorrow will mark the midway point since the 2013 general election. A lot has happened in the two and a half years that have passed since election day. Although neither the provincial nor the national assemblies have been...
  4. Abu Zolfiqar

    Veteran Nationalist Afzal Khan Lala Passes Away

    Cross-posting this from PDF Facebook page (hope this isnt repost here on PDF). Had the honour of meeting him and listening to him several times in Swat. He was a great nationalist and well versed with Pakistan's history and grass root problems. He was very well respect by the senior Army...
  5. Abu Zolfiqar

    Nepal Constitution: 'Mind Your Own Business', Media Tell india

    India's reaction to Nepal's new constitution and the violence preceding and following it, has been criticised by Nepal's media and Twitter users. The Indian government expressed "concern" over the constitution and on Monday recalled its ambassador to Nepal for urgent consultations. Since then...
  6. Abu Zolfiqar

    From the Children of Pakistan: A Message Delivered by a PAF Fighter Pilot

    “Riz, you have a phone call,” were the first words I heard as I entered the air-crew room after a mission. I grabbed a mug of coffee and walked to the land line, hardly expecting it to be my 10-year-old baby sister on the other end. It was a surprise; she had never called me at my squadron...
  7. Abu Zolfiqar

    Modi-isms, RSS-isms and a Complilation of Dubious Hindutva-inspired Claims

    I noticed through forum input and through news in the media that since Mickey-Mouse Modi took office, some of the most outrageously funny (some brutally absurd) claims have been made by the Ruling govt. in india...be it their PM, his cabinet or his state ministers, activists and other officials...
  8. Abu Zolfiqar

    Nanga Parbat Attracts Winter Climbers

    ISLAMABAD: Russians, Poles, Italians, French and for the first time Iranian climbers are set to attempt on Nanga Parbat in the current winter season. After the government of China denied permit to a three-member European expedition to climb K2 from the Chinese side, the focus this winter has...
  9. Abu Zolfiqar

    Sikh Group Convenes ‘Citizens' Court’ to Indict Modi

    Sikh group convenes ‘citizens' court’ to indict Modi - Newspaper - DAWN.COM NEW YORK: While President Obama will be laying red carpet for the Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi at the White House, a Citizens Court convened by human rights group “Sikhs For Justice” (SFJ) will hold indictment...
  10. Abu Zolfiqar

    Pakistani Muslims, Christians Come Together for Peace

    ISLAMABAD: As many as 150 Muslim and Christian families, affected by the recent floods, attended a function at a church in connection with the World Peace Day on Monday. The event was organised at the Khanna Dak Christian Colony church with the hope that it would give a message to the nation...
  11. Abu Zolfiqar

    Stop Postulating the Clash of Civilizations

    by DR. MAHATHIR MOHAMAD The British are mystified by their Muslim citizens becoming “jihadists” and joining the so-called Islamic State. They are horrified by the beheading of an American journalist by “John” a British citizen and member of the IS. I must admit that I, too am horrified. It is...
  12. Abu Zolfiqar

    Pakistanis/Muslims - Please Sign This Petition

    http://www.change.org/p/he-ban-ki-moon-ask-india-to-remove-restrictions-on-international-relief-groups-so-they-can-provide-relief-to-victims-of-historic-flooding-in-kashmir?recruiter=58102943&utm_campaign 141 signatures so far (out of 859 needed) For whatever its worth - sign it and share with...
  13. Abu Zolfiqar

    Lost in Afghanistan: US Can't Track Weapons it Sends

    Place your bets gentlemen.....where do you think these "lost" weapons have/will end up and who will they be used against? Lost in Afghanistan: US can't track weapons it sends @Aeronaut @RescueRanger @AgNoStiC MuSliM @Xeric @Armstrong @Windjammer @CENTCOM @Stealth
  14. Abu Zolfiqar

    Sri Lankan Gas Station Clerk Surprises Robbers in Best Way Possible

    Click on the link to watch the video!! FUCKED them up!!!! :enjoy: Gas station clerk surprises robbers in the best way possible Most people secretly fantasize about being held up by a group of robbers, only to turn the tables on them by whipping out our fists of fury, besting them with our...
  15. Abu Zolfiqar

    Pakistan street child football team defeats Norwegian club 6-0

    OSLO: Pakistan's street child football team defeated Norwegian club Ben Ford 6-0 on Monday, DawnNews reported. The Pakistani team had already made a winning start to the competition with a 1-0 win over another local Norwegian team Lambertseter. The Norway Cup 2014 is the world’s largest...
  16. Abu Zolfiqar

    Celebrating 60 Years of K2, With Pakistani Flag on Top

    Celebrating 60 years of K2, with the Pakistani flag on top - Pakistan - DAWN.COM
  17. Abu Zolfiqar

    "Security Risks" Won’t Stop Palestine Squad from Touring Pakistan

    ‘Security risks won’t stop Palestine squad from coming to Pakistan’ - Newspaper - DAWN.COM
  18. Abu Zolfiqar

    Pakistan Ball Maker to Fulfill WORLD CUP Dream

  19. Abu Zolfiqar

    Low turnout, More Violence as Kashmiris Boycott India Poll

    Low turnout, more violence as Kashmiris boycott India poll - World - DAWN.COM BARAMULLA: Protesters and police clashed but streets were otherwise largely deserted Wednesday in the final day of voting in Indian-occupied Kashmir for the national election, as boycott calls and fears of violence...
  20. Abu Zolfiqar

    India Shuts Down Internet To Prevent Mirwaiz From Addressing UN Geneva Convention

    Palestinian, French Activists Join Kashmiris From Srinagar In Addressing UN Event In Geneva Geneva March 18 (KMS): India on Monday shut down the internet service in parts of occupied Kashmir to prevent Kashmiri leaders, including Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, from addressing a United Nations Human...