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  1. fitpOsitive

    Western countries "wary" of joining U.S. in Cold War effort against China: The Economist

    Because Europe is connected in land. I mean direct roads are possible from China to Berlin. Russia, who has been a deciding factor in two world wars, is directed located close to Europe. And this time, China and Russia are somewhat in same page. Doesn't that explain a simple logic?
  2. fitpOsitive

    PAF to get land in Nasirabad for air base

    I know people might get angry over my question, but I will anyway ask. Is this base exclusively for USA, fully funded by Saudia? If that is so, then I can remember a lady over all that drama of patriotism by many in Pakistan:
  3. fitpOsitive

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    Bhabi, na honay Wali.
  4. fitpOsitive

    Featured Pakistan and Uzbekistan deny US military bases for Afghan mission

    USA is here for destruction. Destruction of region, destruction of traditions, destruction of social fabric, destruction of co-operation among people, among countries. This regions constitutes a powerful fabric, where at one side there a great country, a country that never bowed down in front...
  5. fitpOsitive

    33 Million Gods in India and Not ONE capable of producing Oxygen! Charlie Hebdo

    I simply didn't like this cartoon. Why attack on religion is a must for west?
  6. fitpOsitive

    Opinion: Providing Firepower to Palestinian Resistance

    If you have fire power, and you can't use it, trust me, Palestinians will not be able to use it. Its the fire power that we need. It's just some determination that we need. The determination, that ok, the for Israel and Israelis is up. And we will not leave them, whatsoever. Just like Talibs of...
  7. fitpOsitive

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    Actually this happens. When Pakistan shot down their aircrafts, they were absent for at least next 10 days. It was full and exclusive dance here by Pro-Pakistani members then. No no. She didn't visit Kumbh this time. @jamahir yeah? :lol:
  8. fitpOsitive

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    Half are dead. And remaining half in ICU. Only @jamahir is safe :lol:
  9. fitpOsitive

    Kid In Gaza Recorded This Video, Of Hamas Preparing To Fire Rockets, From Residential Street

    Well let me tell you one secret. Each, and every jew, in Israel, no matter who, who will not be able to scape from scape from Israel, will be dispatched. And Israel and her guardians around the world will not be able to save her. Whatsoever. I saw few pictures of blue eyed Jews being killed in...
  10. fitpOsitive

    Eid ul Fitar 2021 Mubarak

    So I wish you all very happy Eid. Although, due to Corona and current Palestinian episode, I am really not feeling like Eid, but I am hopeful for better future.
  11. fitpOsitive

    Featured Israel-Palestinian Conflict Resurgence 2021: Al-Aqsa attacks, riots, rockets, military clashes and Jerusalem conflict

    @waz this is not Isreal-Palestinian Conflict, this is genocide in Palestine. Can you please correct the title?
  12. fitpOsitive

    Do the Palestinians have the right to resist ?

    Resolution? What is this thing? :lol:
  13. fitpOsitive

    Do the Palestinians have the right to resist ?

    Do you still believe in UN?
  14. fitpOsitive

    Featured Israel-Palestinian Conflict Resurgence 2021: Al-Aqsa attacks, riots, rockets, military clashes and Jerusalem conflict

    When we are saying its a conflict, basically we are then equating two powers. Here however, it's not true. Its the same situation as Jews faced in Germany. Do we call it German Jewish conflict? Or we call it genocide? This is genocide of Palestinian people. Israel's behaviour and Europe's...
  15. fitpOsitive

    PIA: First non-Communist airline into China

    Non communist 😁
  16. fitpOsitive

    Chinese professor urges the government to offer parents 1 million yuan ($156,000) for each newborn child in a bid to shore up the country's birthrate

    No I am not talking about fcking. I am talking about increasing population through culture change. I mean, we have a PhD in it.
  17. fitpOsitive

    Does Pakistan have any defence against foreign submarines

    If submarine will come through sea, then yeah we definitly have.... :-)
  18. fitpOsitive

    Russia school shooting reportedly leaves at least 9 dead

    Ho Kia raha Hai yeh Dunya main.

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