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  1. haviZsultan

    India hosting Myanmar leader doesn’t give good impression: Bangladesh leader

    Well people do not forget oppression, no matter who did it. It is written in the books of history, and ingrained in the memory of people and that of our children. What we did in Bengal was our one biggest mistake for which we should beg forgiveness. Most of all we ravaged Jinnah's dream of...
  2. haviZsultan

    U.S. imposes sanctions on Iran's Foreign Minister

    Since some time I have noticed a very systematic campaign by our traitorous US allies and their friends to stifle all forms of criticism. In fact Pakistanis who speak out against America or even are trying to live their normal lives on the internet and just have views are also being silenced...
  3. haviZsultan

    25000 more indian BSF troops on the way to kashmir in a special train

    My analysis of this is that the situation in Kashmir has evolved (negatively for India) on a major scale that such a troop deployment is needed. Is the Indian media hiding things from the public? Because Kashmir already is one of the most militarized zones. They don't need more soldiers to deal...
  4. haviZsultan

    TTP warns against playing music, women going out alone in Miramshah

    Woh aur kar kya saktey hain? There are people with business degrees involved in this smuggling because they couldn't get a job. We need to provide opportunities otherwise people choose the easy way. And ingrain the principles of honest living and Islamically secular thought at the same time. It...
  5. haviZsultan

    Ansarallah missile hits military parade in Aden: at least 38 UAE backed fighters killed

    Agreed. I find the situation will not improve unless we adopt a more liberal and inclusive view over religion. Allama Iqbal also associated the fall of the ummah to the mongol invasion and the to end of ijtehad, an idea where no one would think he is khalifa but started a sentence with "I may be...
  6. haviZsultan

    Ansarallah missile hits military parade in Aden: at least 38 UAE backed fighters killed

    I am very sad about this incident. When will this war end and when will Islamic countries stop fighting amongst themselves?
  7. haviZsultan

    Heavy artillery fire is being exchanged between India and Pakistan

    Its tough to be a Kashmiri these days. They are being killed on both sides of the border by India. What I have seen is that the Kashmiris are becoming similar victims to tactics originally introduced by Israel. For example India has abolished the law that prevents settlement of non Kashmiris...
  8. haviZsultan

    Tolerance is the base of a strong society.

    Tolerance is the base of a strong society.
  9. haviZsultan

    TTP warns against playing music, women going out alone in Miramshah

    So those Taliban idiots still hold influence in Waziristan. The problem in my opinion with everyone carrying a gun is how can anyone know who is a terrorist and civilian? Gun culture has to go in every part of Pakistan. And the Taliban are still active in parts of South Waziristan too. For...
  10. haviZsultan

    Proud Pakistani..Meet the first ever Pakistani Hindu MAJOR in the Ministry Of Defence, Dr. Kelash Ga

    The development came late but at least it came. Best wishes to Kelash and hope he not only achieves great things but makes the nation proud.
  11. haviZsultan

    My grandmother (dadi ammi) passed away

    I wish she gets a place in heaven. And family is always important. Console your loved ones and make them feel you are there for them. Its good to take time off for family in such times.
  12. haviZsultan

    Indian youth killed in U.S. drone attack in Afghanistan

    This is the problem with us Muslims. When idiots in our community go and join ISIS thinking that those idiots are doing a service to Islam, its clear that our entire upbringing has been built on hate. I am not saying mine is but parents have to raise their children as good human beings other...
  13. haviZsultan

    I am an Indian who came to Pakistan for the Track II dialogue. Here's what I think We need

    Jamahir, its not cowardice to call a "zulm" a "zulm" which is why I respect you and see as someone I want to work with in the future. Okay, they somehow the RAW hated me. But what did my family and relatives do? What India has done deserves RAW and the military machine to be punished and I...
  14. haviZsultan

    Israel attacked PM forces in Iraq

    Its almost same as asking Pakistan when we will hit US. At the moment they can't and they know it. Hitting Israel will mean that America will come into the equation and Israel itself is a nuclear power. What Iran is trying to do is survive just like us Pakistanis which is the reason they don't...
  15. haviZsultan

    Freedom of Speech in Pakistan

    I will state what I have always believed. Freedom of expression is the basic rule for any society to thrive. But some governments see this as a challenge to their power and this is where tyranny starts. We have to be tolerant to each other and accepting of people's views. Also highlighting...
  16. haviZsultan

    I am an Indian who came to Pakistan for the Track II dialogue. Here's what I think We need

    Ordinary Indians and Pakistanis almost always get along really well. This is most true in overseas countries like Canada, US and the Middle East. We intermix, marry each other and I have had many friends from India, (these friends were genuinely Indian, unlike me with background from Lucknow and...
  17. haviZsultan


    Thanks bro. Just a quick warning. Indian Muslims, regardless of whether they call themselves Indian or not are being culled. That is the only thing I can call what happened to our relatives. It is being done by RAW. Don't share your personal information with anyone. Don't see this as someone...
  18. haviZsultan

    Just Another Indian Girl to Marry Pakistani Cricketer

    Love doesn't really know nationality. It can happen to anyone. I do think we should be a little more sympathetic to love marriages.
  19. haviZsultan

    UN: Afghan forces, NATO killed most civilians in 2019

    Civilian casualties caused by NATO and in some way by the Afghan soldiers are higher than the numbers recorded. US has so much influence that these kind of things are easily pushed under the rug. I think when US is finished (every empire based on tyranny falls one day) a lot of things will come...
  20. haviZsultan

    Al-Qaeda remains resilient and continues to cooperate closely with Lashkar-e-Taiba: UN report

    Hi, there is a stark difference between a brutal group like the Al Qaeda and the Lashkar E Toiba. If you see the LeT's targets in the past they have mostly been Indian military figures or politicians. Al Qaeda targets innocents with absolute impunity. Another difference is the capacity. Since...

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