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    Eid ul Fitr 2021 Moon sighted in Pakistan

    Not often we do Eid together - Eid Mubarak to all my friends on PDF especially @masterchief_mirza
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    India stands with israel trending in twitter

    For god sake - India is in its knees - bodies are turning up everywhere - yet Indians on PDF want to show their special friendship with Israel? Pitiful nation wanting deflection from reality. Do they really think the Israelis give a sh1t about India and what Indians think? I bet they cringe...
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    Its retarded comments and biased statements like this that clearly suggest your religion and belief blinds you from deciphering the truth. Palestine has been stolen in clear daylight. On numerous examples and recent events one can demonstrate the illegal and barbaric behavior of the Israelis...
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    English Premier League - 2020/21

    Man City crowned champions. Shameful from Man Utd to play a 2nd team against Leicester last night.....
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    Do the Palestinians have the right to resist ?

    No. They attack innocent children praying - the press take a break. Hamas respond and it becomes a serious issue and the world wants peace to breakout. The duplicity is disgusting. Whats even more amazing is how Hindoos flood the internet and social media. "India stand by Israel". FFS the...
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    Help me (SUICIDAL)

    Bro My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family. For you to have the courage to start this thread shows you are already reaching out and requiring guidance. I commend you to have the courage. Please seek guidance and help - there are people and numbers in Karachi that can assist...
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    English Premier League - 2020/21

    I really thought they had this one and that would have saved Arteta but no - I think he’s a gunna (gonner) .....
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    UAE send aid to india

    Are you for real? The Indian government has severely let down its population. This is a life saving move by all nations that are aiding this Modi made disaster - last thing we want to do is suggest that the average Pakistani would be happy to see this vital aid not getting to its chosen...
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    English Premier League - 2020/21

    I would still say Man U with Bruno will have too much for Arsenal. Cavani should be persuaded to stay another year and a couple of signings like Harry Kane and Man U will be their. Wonder if Ole will be at the wheel? If he finishes 2nd and get a European trophy - it will be difficult to get rid!
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    Why do Indians want to deflect?

    A week on from the Covid crisis and one can see Indian deflection working overtime. Leaders praising large political gatherings - Indian members keen to deflect and call it the China virus - continue to play cricket whilst hospitals are falling apart. This Indian deflection now is costing...
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    English Premier League - 2020/21

  12. Musings

    English Premier League - 2020/21

    Bro they got an away goal - they may scrape a 1 nil and still get to the final ........ only to be battered by a Man U side. Btw last night when ole got interviewed made me laugh. He said at half time he said you need to do more running and tighten the defence - no sh1t Sherlock! god sake the...
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    English Premier League - 2020/21

    Switched over when they were losing 2-1 - amazing turnaround!
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    There was such a sense of camaraderie between Indian and Pak posters

    @Jackdaws No person can sit and watch the current suffering of the common man - be it Indian Muslim Hindu - we bleed and feel pain in the same manner. I have friends and associates in India suffering today - how could anyone smirk at watching this suffering. Perhaps its the platform of the...
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    Covid-19 in India - Second Wave - World Extends Help and Support - Updates and Discussion

    Yaar why are you a one trick pony always wanting to bring this non sensical post into all threads you venture on. The situation in India is simply heartbreaking to all sane members - let’s not try to take cheap shots - rise above it. We are all left helpless - even those wanting to help in the...
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    English Premier League - 2020/21

    Actually think Arsenal may win this one - won’t hide the fact they have massively underperformed in the premiership and it’s been a disappointing season for them.
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    Why do Indians want to deflect?

    Most people are patriotic - doesn't matter what nation. Its rare for a patriot to be irked about their own flag. To suggest this obnoxiousness is needed to create a nation is with respect immature and simply wrong. An approach of honesty and self assessment of issues is the making and striving...
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    Fellow Indian Members

    We have more in common than some think. We don’t bleed different - Pakistan child starving isn’t different from an Indian child. The suffering of innocent people is affecting and making all our hearts ache. I wish the politicians and media wouldn’t hijack this and create drama unnecessary to...
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    Why do Indians want to deflect?

    On the mark sir. The obsession is deep rooted. This site gives us a prime lesson and educated us. Can a zebra change its stripes? I fear not.
  20. Musings

    Why do Indians want to deflect?

    Please start a thread regarding the Chinese sir - I am on this thread merely voicing my analysis of the Indian mindset. If there is something wrong - blame Pakistan - if it’s not working - blame Pakistan. Any terror attack? Blame Pakistan - corona? Blame Pakistan. This is an Indian analysis on...

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