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    Classical Qawalli music is still thriving

    it seems the brilliance of NFAK, and the rich beauty of (sufi) islam is touching souls from all over the world. I had never heard of these guys before, and they are no joke (you can clearly tell listening 2 minutes of any of their videos), spread the word! their WEBSITE - FannaFiAllah Sufi...
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    sufi music/NFAK

    am a big nusrat fan - and fan of sufism - can anyone recommend any other sufi related artists/songs? meanwhile enjoy this one, parts 2/3 on the side panel
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    Was iqbal a cruel hoax?

    I have been interested in learning more about iqbal for a while and had grown to love his poetry, his spirit, his brilliant penetrating mind and the love he had for his people. in summary i was fully confident that the spiritual grandfather of pakistan was a man worthy of the admiration of...
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    Exposing support for Baluch independence

    This report does a good job. Destroying a Nation State: US-Saudi Funded Terrorists Sowing Chaos in Pakistan | Global Research
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    Saudi's pushing pakistan away from iran

    This is surely an unwelcome development? The Saudis return to Afghanistan - Indian Punchline
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    US general on Pak-US relation's

    Just posting this old article from Musharraf's time. Main thing to note is that general zinni fully understands the massive contribution the Pakistan armed force's had made....as well as the consistent lack of appreciation from the US....5 year's ago when thing's on the surface were Much better...
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    TTP in syria

    isn't it illustrative that all the us/western sponsored "islamic jeehadi's" have all coalesced in syria to fight american proxy war's.....so not just the saudi's, not just the libyans...but now the TTP want to go to syria, how thoughtful of them to follow uncle sam.....i mean fight...
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    Pakistan we will survive

    I found this funny... http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=aUWQ5pvHJu8
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    Making profit during war

    Interesting story about making money during war and the different circumstances of people. A Millionaire in the Danger Zone - Taki's Magazine
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    UK rape case - some thoughts on inaccuracies

    there is a false dichotomy inherent in much of the discourse, i just want to address some of the key points so people can be more aware of them, not that i want to take away from how heinous these crimes were, and everything must be done to stop this from occurring again, but i found some of the...
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    Brezezinski refers to the "Hindu lobby"

    In amongst some generic remarks on Israel/palestine the discussion moves to lobbies within the us, interestingly he references a "Hindu lobby" - not India lobby, listen from about 2:22. And it sounded very specific, calculated and precise, which is what he always is. So it seems power...
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    Pakistans "slaves"

    Actually the thread title is meant to be a lot starker but since it may cause offence I toned it down. What I want to present is a long but most brilliant and incisive essay that is simply is a must read for those wishing to better understand slavery, Pakistan and the wider world. THE...
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    Christine Fair goes hysterical

    bbc world service discussion on NATO attack, christine fair is first to speak, what does she say? actually, what she DOESN'T say is talk about the actual attack, instead its a rant which is bordering on JUSTIFICATION for nato murders - i.e. pakistan is responsible for US deaths, therefore...
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    Iran - an obvious herring rouge?

    is it not crystal clear now that the shrill cries about iran this, iran that have all been a red herring? iran has had a tough time in the media, and diplomatically, thats true. but their people are not being killed. their army is not being whored. their land is not being violated. in fact...
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    Carnegie report on us Pakistan relations

    U.S. Policy Toward Pakistan - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace This person hits the nail on the head on many issues. There is an audio well worth listening to, summary is also good.
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    Moral Fibre - anyone got any?

    do (western) liberals in pakistan have the most "moral fibre"? discuss.
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    Is Pakistan really not doing enough, as the US claims?

    thats what we hear all the time. lets take the opportunity to refresh ourselves of what we have done, not that the americans will listen or care, because they seem to hold pakistani's in the lowest contempt, but still...... we joined the WoT YESSSS, lets start with this, we joined...
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    So what if he has diplomatic immunity?

    if we focus on the details of his diplomatic status it is pointless. we know americans can make our govt. sing to their tune and we know that our govt. have sold themselves, so why pursue this angle? we have something very significant here - we have the pakistani and american govt's...
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    If the us invades iran...?

    what does it mean for pakistan - negatives and positives? how should pakistan react - support? resist? stay neutral? please discuss, indians welcome to answer the same questions as well, but replace pakistan with india - just to give a different perspective.
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    Iranians vs Arabs - The Dilemma for the Muslim World

    i think as much as pakistani's and bharati's bark at each other iranians and arabs can match us, if not surpass us. the arabs looks like they are more likely to mobilise for a fight against the iranians than they are the israeli's - go figure? but my question is why should pakistani's...

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