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  1. Adwitiya

    Shortage forces UK to recruit Indian doctors

    LONDON: Britain is turning back to Indian doctors as the nation's National Health Service (NHS) is facing acute shortage of junior medicos, posing the first test to the new coalition government's restrictive immigration policy. The government is being forced to recruit doctors from India and...
  2. Adwitiya

    Four Delhi districts in top 20 well-being list

    NEW DELHI: In what further cements Delhi's pre-eminent position as the most liveable Indian city, three of the Capital's districts grabbed the top three slots in a well-being index reflecting the quality of life while one more made it within the top 20. Central Delhi topped the index, based...
  3. Adwitiya

    India wants UK to return Kohinoor, other artifacts

    LONDON: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has joined an international network for the return of priceless artifacts taken away during British rule, including the Kohinoor diamond and the Sultanganj Buddha. ASI Director-General Gautam Sengupta said the list of India's treasures held...
  4. Adwitiya

    Facebook RAMAYANA

  5. Adwitiya

    3 Pakistanis arrested in Times Square bomb plot related raids

    NEW YORK: Three Pakistanis were arrested today in the US after authorities conducted raids on new locations in the Northeast in connection with the failed Times Square car bombing, federal investigators have said. The searches were carried out in Long Island, the Boston suburbs and New...
  6. Adwitiya

    Despite Pak protest, India plans civilian trek to Siachen

    NEW DELHI: Notwithstanding Pakistan's vociferous protests earlier, India will organise a civilian mountaineering and trekking expedition to the forbidding Siachen Glacier for the fourth year in a row in October-November this year. "The Siachen trekking expedition this year is in its planning...
  7. Adwitiya

    Parents planning marrige

    damn my parents are planning marrige for me and i am trying to run away from it. lol i said i would marry in 2012. may be on dec 20. i dont want to die bachelor and dont want to be married. world is gonna be over on 21 dec 2012:woot::lol: anyways i am afraid of all these rituals you need to...
  8. Adwitiya

    Best unflamed thread on non regional issues cast your vote

    Hi here lets have a poll on the best unflamed thread... Sorry I am choosing on own. No offense to those whose thread i mistakenly did not chose. Ok dont kill me but i included that because we were discussing religious issues and we did not had a single offensive post, it is still free from any...
  9. Adwitiya

    Some suggestions

    hi This is the best forum I have ever encountered in whole of south Asia. Being an Indian i dont refrain from saying that even it is far far better than the Indian forums. But there are few couple of suggestions to make from my end. at times we have topics which are related to Indian poverty...
  10. Adwitiya

    Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology

    Many researchers into the UFO enigma tend to overlook a very important fact. While it assumed that most flying saucers are of alien, or perhaps Governmental Military origin, another possible origin of UFOs is ancient India and Atlantis. What we know about ancient Indian flying vehicles comes...
  11. Adwitiya

    Happy Raam Navmi to all

    Wishing everyone a very happy Raam navmi. May this year bring prosperity and joy to life to everyone. Happy Birthday to Lord Rama And happy ending of fasts for past 9 days who kept it for Navratras,
  12. Adwitiya

    Love thy neighbour

  13. Adwitiya

    Police arrest 1000 in Pakistan for flying kites

    LAHORE: Police in Pakistan's Punjab province have launched a massive crackdown on people selling and flying kites and made over 1,000 arrests after a local group announced it would observe the Basant festival in the traditional manner by flying kites. The traditional practice of flying kites...
  14. Adwitiya

    Indian equities among best in Asia for long-term: CLSA Report

    NEW DELHI: Investors across the world are waiting to buy Indian equities, but are waiting for a further correction as the country remains a favourite long-term equity market in Asia, foreign brokerage firm CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets has said. CLSA strategist Christopher Wood said Asian stock...
  15. Adwitiya

    Maldives says its youths are waging jihad in Pak, seeks India's help

    NEW DELHI: Maldives on Sunday said some youths from the country are being recruited by militant outfits based in Pakistan and Afghanistan to wage 'jihad' and sought India's cooperation in preventing "any passage" for these people through the country. Maldivian vice president Mohammaed Waheed...
  16. Adwitiya

    Indians hardly know the real Pakistan

    On the bright sunny morning of the New Year, I got a call from my Indian friend Dhananjay who excitedly asked me to read The Times of India. paper contained the details of a new Indo-Pak peace project called Aman ki Asha launched by The Times of India and the Jang Group. There was a similar...
  17. Adwitiya

    Ex-LeT man behind attack on Lahore ISI HQ shot dead

    LAHORE: Pakistani law enforcement personnel on Friday shot dead former Lashkar-e-Taiba commander Dr Muaz alias Omar Kundi, who allegedly masterminded the May 2009 attack on the headquarters of the Inter-Services Intelligence in Lahore. Intelligence agencies located Mauz in Faisalabad city of...
  18. Adwitiya

    Aligarh muslim university

    The University grew out of the work of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who in the aftermath of the Indian War of Independence of 1857 felt that it was important for Muslims to gain modern education and become involved in the public life and Government Services in India at that time. Raja Jai Kishan helped...
  19. Adwitiya

    Drunk Iranian women beat up traffic cop

    BANGALORE: Two Iranian women realised the hard way that it doesn't pay to drink and drive, and definitely not to assault policemen and TV crew under influence. Farima (26) and her friend Azara Fazle (29) went on a drive after a drinking binge on Wednesday night, but landed in police net after...

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