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  1. Uguduwa

    Violence on Asian Americans Thread

    So this is some hot topic these days. Since Covid, violence against Asian Americans has increased exponentially and turning into a national topic. Latest news on the topic. Asian motorist brutally beaten...
  2. Uguduwa

    Lockheed-Boeing team pitch Defiant X, its candidate for the Army’s long-range assault helo competition

    WASHINGTON — Lockheed Martin-owned Sikorsky and Boeing have pitched a tweaked version of the team’s coaxial technology demonstrator — the SB-1 Defiant — which it plans to submit for the U.S. Army’s Future Long-Range Assault (FLRAA) competition, according to the companies. The modified...
  3. Uguduwa

    What's your favourite Kdrama?

    I think mine is Something in the Rain
  4. Uguduwa

    China’s New Hit Drama ‘Nothing But Thirty’ Thrives in the “She Era”

    “Have you heard of ‘independent at the age of thirty’ (sān shí ér lì 三十而立)?” Wang Manni asks, her hair pulled back neatly and white shirt cleanly pressed. “I hope that, before I’m thirty, I’ll be promoted to supervisor.” Riding on the wave of female protagonist (‘heroine’ 大女主) shows that have...
  5. Uguduwa

    Ancient Persians made chromium steel 1,000 years before the West

    It seems the ancient Persians were the metal masters of the Middle East: a team of researchers based at University College London have found evidence of chromium steel production in Chahak, southern Iran, dating back to the 11th Century. The practice was previously thought to be a 20th century...
  6. Uguduwa

    US election: Vietnamese-Americans prefer Trump to Biden — and the president has fans in Vietnam too

    President Donald TRUMP may have stirred up culture wars that target a range of minority groups in the United States, but Vietnamese-Americans are more likely than other Asian-Americans to vote for him in the November election. A survey – the results of which were released last month – of nearly...
  7. Uguduwa

    Sri Lanka’s Colombo Stock Exchange performs best in world in September 2020

    ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s stocks were the best performing exchange in the world rising 12 percent, the Colombo Stock Exchange said. Sri Lanka has seen record excess liquidity from money printed by the central bank, driving rates down, which tends to increase the present value of longer term...
  8. Uguduwa

    Sri Lanka ranked second in latest international research on COVID-19 fight

    YICAI Research Institute, a well-known Chinese financial think tank, has released a comprehensive survey report in terms of COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures, economic recovery and international cooperation in 108 countries, with Sri Lanka ranked second in overall score. It’s the highest...
  9. Uguduwa

    Do you think ancient India should have been like China?

    China that was unified under Qin Shi Huang introduced a standardized writing system which inevitably boosted the economy, innovation and laid foundation to what China is today. India on the other hand focused on diversity and the result was the empire fragmenting into many smaller states only to...
  10. Uguduwa

    Sri Lanka : Hànyǔ Services launches to address growing interest in Chinese language services

    Hànyǔ Services -a Sri Lanka-based Chinese content creation, translation, and interpretation company- has launched with a wide portfolio of professional Chinese language services to fulfil the growing interest in investing in this highly lucrative market. Hànyǔ Services, with its vast global...
  11. Uguduwa

    Chinese drama: The Rise of Phoenixes

    Anyone watches this? How are the ratings in China? I started watching it because cinematography is just beautiful.
  12. Uguduwa

    Chinese man buys the most expensive coronavirus mask

    Worried about face masks dampening your look as you step out to shop for essentials? No worries. You can add some glitz to your pandemic look with a blingy, diamond face mask from Israel. After some Indians went viral for wearing masks made of gold that cost lakhs of rupees, an Israeli jewelry...
  13. Uguduwa

    Sri Lanka plans random Coronavirus tests nation-wide as new Covid-9 cluster reigned in

    ECONOMYNEXT- Sri Lanka is planning random Coronavirus tests island-wide a top official said as health authorities are tracing and quarantining a cluster linked to drug a rehabilitation camp. “From the next month the number of random PCR tests will be increased,” Sri Lanka’s Chief Epidemiologist...
  14. Uguduwa

    Male Fashion

    Anyone got ideas for outfits? Usually I keep it simple with a t shirt and jeans and a watch.
  15. Uguduwa

    How Turkey is sending Muslim Uighurs back to China without breaking its promise

    Revealed: President Erdogan is helping China repatriate Muslim dissidents by sending them to third countries before they return...
  16. Uguduwa

    * UK exempts Sri Lanka from travel advice against non-essential travel

    July 24, Colombo: The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) today announced that based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks, Sri Lanka is exempt from the FCO advice against all non-essential international travel. The exemption is effective from today, 24th July. The FCO has updated its...
  17. Uguduwa

    Sri Lanka to remove race, religion and marital status of parents from birth certificates

    COLOMBO, July 22 (Xinhua) -- Sri Lankan authorities on Wednesday announced that all new birth certificates which will be issued for new born children in the future will not mention any race or religion or the marital status of the parents. Registrar General of the Registrar General's...
  18. Uguduwa

    Rugby thread

    anyone plays Rugby (Alpha male sport) here?

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