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  1. Abdulrehman 2978

    State banks foreign reserved increase by 2.5 billion to above 16 billion dollars. .

    #SBP has received the proceeds of government’s US$2.5bn Euro Bond issuance in its account. As a result, SBP’s FX reserves closed above US$16bn today, their highest level since July 2017.
  2. Abdulrehman 2978

    Pakistani rupee becomes World's best currency of 2021

    Arif Habib Limited Head of Research Tahir Abbas, while talking to The Express Tribune, said the excessive inflow of dollars supported the rupee in maintaining the uptrend. https://t.co/UHjdGEeZx1 Article by The Express Tribune #Economy #SBP #Currency #AHL #Pakistan
  3. Abdulrehman 2978

    PTI government reduces LPG Price by 14 rupees per kilo. Decreases by Rs 167 per 11.8 kg

    Local LPG price decreases by Rs 166.33 per 11.8-kg cylinder #APPNews #Pakistan #LPG https://t.co/WAWBjfQQEu ‏اوگرا نے ایل پی جی کی قیمت میں فی کلو 14 روپے کمی کردی https://t.co/FEt1wGEs9w‎ https://t.co/1AZO26oEEK‎
  4. Abdulrehman 2978

    Indian Armed forces takes PIA balloon into custody... AGAIN

    We can seriously over power Indias air defences with just balloons lol
  5. Abdulrehman 2978

    Sindh High Court comes to the rescue of Sugar mafia

    Keep in mind few weeks ago sindh High Court stop FBR from taking measures to stop tax evasion and fraud in sugar mills https://profit.pakistantoday.com.pk/2021/03/25/shc-stops-crackdown-against-sugar-mills/
  6. Abdulrehman 2978

    Complex family situation in PMLN

    Someone needs to make drama series on this family 😂
  7. Abdulrehman 2978

    Central Bank raises GDP growth percentage

    World GDP expected to recover sharply in 2021. Major institutions expecting growth to lie in the range of 4.0-5.6%. Today central bank of Pak has also raised the GDP forecast of Pakistan to 3% (earlier 2%) Source: @StateBank_Pak @pakstockexgltd @FinMinistryPak @Hammad_Azhar...
  8. Abdulrehman 2978

    Fazlur rehman leaves press conference leaving maryam alone.

    ‏دل کے ارمان آنسوؤں میں بہہ گئے۔ 11 جماعتیں ، 11 ایجنڈے اور 11 کہانیاں۔ لانگ مارچ quick مارچ میں تبدیل ہوگیا۔ PDM کے تمام سوگواران سے اظہار افسوس https://t.co/60NPoF4Veu‎‎‎
  9. Abdulrehman 2978

    Another PMLN member found to be a part of Qabza mafia

    ‏ن لیگی رہنما سائرہ افضل تارڑ بھی قبضہ مافیا نکلیں ، جانئے انسے کس قدر سرکاری اراضی واگزار کرا لی گئی ، تفصیلات ‎#SairaAfzalTarar ‎#PMLN https://urdu.siasat.pk/news/2021-03-15/news-86205
  10. Abdulrehman 2978

    Shahbaz gill assaulted by PMLN thugs.

    No doubt PMLN leadership ordered this assault. PMLN must be prosecuted under anti terrorism law ‏واقعی کی مکمل ویڈیو اپ دیکھ سکتے ہیں شہباز گل بلکل پُرامن طریقے سے عدالت جارہے تھے ن لیگ کی قیادت کی طرف سے 3 لوگ نے حملہ کیا https://t.co/n9EOlVNg86‎
  11. Abdulrehman 2978

    Imran Khan starts biggest IT project in Pakistan

    Let's just hope no hurdles are faced and everything goes as per plan.
  12. Abdulrehman 2978

    FBR Unveils ‘Mega Scam’ Involving 45,012 Freelancers, 27 Banks, And Payoneer

    The investigation into the matter unveiled that a massive amount of Rs. 60,308,760,650 was disbursed to 75,615 beneficiaries using local banks. According to reports, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has recently uncovered a ‘mega scam’. The scam involves a foreign company transferring around...
  13. Abdulrehman 2978

    How will Government pass legislations. Must read

    I have made previous posts on this topic before, however things have changed now. Government has won seat of senate chairman and deputy chairman. They have passed a massive obstacle. If Gilani had won he would have never allowed bills to pass. How do one pass legislation? The system works like...
  14. Abdulrehman 2978

    Fazlur rehman says PDM should resign

    If this happens it will the best thing to happen. They should honestly resign from their lives.
  15. Abdulrehman 2978

    PTI wins deputy chairman with 54 votes

    PTI has won the seat of deputy chairman too with 10 more votes than it has. PTI's Mirza Muhammad Afrid from fata has defeated PDM. PDM and lifafa journalists missing. Burnol sales go up by 100%..
  16. Abdulrehman 2978

    Why have most journalists turned against Imran khan?

    Since the first day imran khan became prime minister. One by one almost all of mainstream media journalists have turned against Imran khan. Many of these journalist were staunch supporters of him, by what went wrong. PM Khan is harshly criticised every day or every news channel on every...
  17. Abdulrehman 2978

    Important Economy updates

    Remittances continued exceptional performance in Feb21, reaching $2.26bn, up 24.2% compared to Feb20 and roughly same as last month. Cumulatively, they rose to an unprecedented $18.7bn during Jul-Feb FY21, up 24.1% compared to the same period last year: https://t.co/7XBd4uNES4...
  18. Abdulrehman 2978

    After pigeons, India takes PIA balloon into custody in occupied Kashmir

    Indian advanced high tech air defence system has successfully shot down Pakistans advanced 5th generation jet that was jointly made by PIA and PAC. plane and pilots in custody.

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