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  1. Gryphon

    Artillery Divisions of Pakistan Army

    We have dedicated threads for Pakistan Army Infantry Div's, Armoured Div's and Mechanized Div's. Here I have created one for Artillery Div's. Raising history: Large-scale exercises code-named Zarb-e-Momin (1989) conducted by Pakistan Army in response to Operation Brasstacks helped develop its...
  2. Gryphon

    Changing Dynamics of Air Warfare in South Asia

    By: Kaiser Tufail 17 December 2019 The Balakot strike by IAF on 26 February 2019, and PAF’s ‘Swift Retort’ a day later, can be considered watershed events in modern aerial warfare. Though the IAF strike was beset with technical snags, including failure of stand-off bombs to guide themselves to...
  3. Gryphon

    JY-27A radar spotted in Pakistan

    Sean O’Connor, Indianapolis - Jane's Defence Weekly 20 November 2019 Key Points Jane's has identified a JY-27A CVLO radar in imagery captured of Mianwali Air Base in Pakistan A modern VHF-band system, China's JY-27A was not previously known to have been exported to Pakistan Satellite imagery...
  4. Gryphon

    Pak-Afghan border Fencing contributes significantly to counter-terrorism efforts: DG ISPR

    Pak-Afghan border Fencing contributes significantly to counterterrorism efforts By NUZHAT NAZAR & ALI HUSSAIN on October 16, 2019 The fencing of Pakistan-Afghanistan border has contributed significantly to counterterrorism efforts by preventing illegal cross-border movement that enabled...
  5. Gryphon

    Pakistan received last AW139M helicopters

    Pakistan took delivery of the last helicopter AW139M Last Updated: 10/23/19 Pakistan took delivery of the last two Italian manufactured AW139M helicopters ordered from Leonardo. With the delivery of the 12th helicopter, Alouette-III type helicopters, which have served in the Pakistani Air...
  6. Gryphon

    LY-80 deliveries to Pakistan complete

    LY-80 firing vehicle and IBIS-150 search radar vehicle belonging to 1 LOMAD Regiment, subordinate HQ 4 Air Defence Division. Recently, China completed delivery of LY-80 LOMADS to Pakistan, with the last batteries received by Army Air Defence. A total of nine batteries were ordered with an...
  7. Gryphon

    Pakistan to deploy another division for CPEC security

    NNI May 19, 2019 RAWALPINDI: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a living example of deep-rooted friendship between Pakistan and China, and they are fully determined to ensure security of the project, said DG Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor. He...
  8. Gryphon

    Insignias of Pakistan Army (Corps & Divisions)

    I have compiled insignias of Pakistan Army (Corps & Divisions) into these 3 images. As reference to all. CORPS: DIVISIONS: AIR DEFENCE: Army Air Defence Command = Corps Equivalent.
  9. Gryphon

    Satellite ground station expansion shows Pakistan’s reliance on China

    [Content preview – Subscribe to Jane’s Intelligence Review for full article] Pakistan has upgraded its main ground station to support two new satellites. Nick Hansen examines the expansion of infrastructure at the site in the context of Pakistan's limited space programme Key Points • The...
  10. Gryphon

    Wapda to begin civil work on Mohmand Dam next week

    Israr Khan March 20, 2019 ISLAMABAD: The government will start civil construction work on the much-awaited Mohmand Dam by next week, as it has started mobilising machinery on site to commence work on this mega project of national importance. On the Tarbela-V (T-V) too, the government would...
  11. Gryphon

    India announces rewards for individuals who found spent AMRAAM casing

    J&K top cop rewards police party, locals over recovery of Amraam missile remnants Mar 1, 2019 JAMMU: Jammu & Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh on Friday announced cash awards and commendation for a police party, an ex-village defence committee (VDC) member and some alert locals for their promptness...
  12. Gryphon

    Pakistan orders more Mi-35Ms

    AirForces Monthly February 2019 (Issue 371) In 2015, Senior Russian diplomat Zamir Kabulov told RIA Novosti Pakistan could buy upto 12 Mi-35M's.
  13. Gryphon


    Chief of The Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi. (Photo: Pakistan Navy) In preparation for AMAN 2019 multinational exercise, to be held in February 2019, NAVAL FORCES asked Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, Chief of Naval Staff of the Pakistan Navy, how the exercise has evolved, how it...
  14. Gryphon

    L-UMTAS ordered for Pakistan's ATAK helicopters

    From: http://www.milscint.com/tr/ideas-2018-ozel-roketsan-pakistanin-atak-helikopterlerinin-vurucu-gucunu-saglamaya-hazir/ ROKETSAN Market Development and Promotion Director Hüdai Özdamar: Pakistan's ATAK helicopter order includes the supply of UMTAS laser-guided version L-UMTAS. In...
  15. Gryphon

    Jhelum (25 Jan 2019): Brigade level exercise held

    Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited exercise area near Jhelum. COAS witnessed exercise of a Brigade in Line of Control(LOC) Environment. Rawalpindi - January 25, 2019 No PR-34/2019-ISPR Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited exercise area...
  16. Gryphon

    TOP BRASS INTERVIEW: CNS Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi

    There is an interview of CNS Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi in the July-August 2018 issue of ASIAN DEFENCE JOURNAL (pages 14-16); the complete interview is available on their website. I have posted excerpts related to: Budget CNS: Keeping in view the growing maritime interests of Pakistan in the...
  17. Gryphon


    The PAC/Chengdu JF-17 Thunder has not just worked wonders for the tactical needs of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), it has jump started the country’s aerospace industry. When building an aircraft, it is not only about creating the infrastructure – that’s the easy part. Educating and training a...
  18. Gryphon

    Pakistan Army attack helicopter options

    Published in Show Daily 2018 - Day 3 By Asian Military Review - December 7, 2018 The future of the Pakistan Army’s attack helicopter fleet has been uncertain in recent years. Its fleet of around 20 Bell AH-1F/S Cobras has done a great job supporting the Army fighting militants on the ground...

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