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    Pakistan's rupee has staged a smart recovery against the US dollar

    Yep State Bank of Pakistan is managing it professionally. When the rupee hit a REER value of about 100 they started buying again the dollar appreciated a bit to 153 range, but the constant inflow from remittances, roshan digital brought it back to 152 range. SBP is targeting a REER value of...
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    This is a country not a tissue paper - Javed Chaudhry to Ishaq Dar

    Isshaq Dar was just the front man for Shareef clan. Do people still not understand the Power purchase agreements and IPP's, why were they in such a hurry. What was done with this country.
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    Govt decides to import 4m MT of wheat

    It will be usedd to replenish strategic reserves. Before the harvest began wheat reserves were down to 2 weeks.
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    An attempt at explaining Pakistan's Economic Woes By Ali G

    Nope Tareen is not going to do that. SBP has been autonomous since pti took over. There is not a single sign of that happening. See for your self governemnt borrowing data after tareen took over. The data is from 2003 onwards, we can see minimum deviation of REER, the actual value of rupee was...
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    An attempt at explaining Pakistan's Economic Woes By Ali G

    Bro @Kabira you mentioned in your post the other day that previous governments before plmn were artificially manipulation currency, this will clear if you have any doubt that this was the doing of plmn. They destroyed the economy before aswell if you recall the condition in 1998 before his...
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    Govt decides to import 4m MT of wheat

    The fact of the matter as far as i can see is we will probably have the highest wheat production to date (around 26 M MT) but our consumption has increased alot and we are barely able to meet the demand. The wheat will also be used to replenish reserves. The combined need is around 29M MT. Cant...
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    Exports cross $2bn for seventh consecutive month after a decade.

    Next year target should be around 27-28b. Thats almost 10% growth which is optimistic. In FY 2023 we can hopefully achieve 30b which will be hard. ( Power sector is dragging us down, rest of the major factors have been taken care of in terms of export competitiveness).
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    Exports cross $2bn for seventh consecutive month after a decade.

    Thats sbp data not pbs. We will surpass that this year. The cummulative figures are highest in a decade for 10 months in any FY. Will cross 25b this year. Highest is 26b under ppp. We went in reverse gear during plmn era. Dar messed up the economy and took us back a decade. A REER below 100...
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    Exports cross $2bn for seventh consecutive month after a decade.

    We are well on track to cross $25b IA, that will be after a decade. It broke 2.5b barrier last month according to spb though but to achieving that every month means 30b exports yearly, thats more than 30% growth. We will get close to it in 2023.
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    Exports cross $2bn for seventh consecutive month after a decade.

    Exports cross $2bn for seventh consecutive month By News Desk Pakistan’s exports have crossed the $2-billion mark for seven successive months (Oct-April) of FY21, according to a tweet by Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood on Sunday. Taking to Twitter, Dawood said that...
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    PTI Comprehensively Humiliated in Karachi

    Isnt bundal island supposed to be private led initiative? Real state market and capital is huge in karachi.
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    Pakistan to seek debt restructuring of CPEC power projects

    Bro industry is prefering captive power plants, besides the industrial energy package under the current governement has made it a less difficult for them but it again comes at a cost of government subdisies. These kind of subsidies can support the industries until a certain limit and the math...
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    Pakistan to seek debt restructuring of CPEC power projects

    The only desperation bro i can see was comission, and yes chinese companies have a notorious reputation of offering comissions to get their desired profits ( I am by no means accusing chinese government ). The actual problem is way more capacity than actual demand (that is not indicative of...
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    IMF: India now has a $3 trillion GDP (nominal)

    Yep almost $300b were wiped off in 2020-21. They will recover to 2019-20 + 1.5 to 2.5% actual growth by the end of this financial year (2021-22). A net growth of 1.5-2.5% in 2 years. (If the growth reaches in double figure during FY 2021-22 which is highly optimistic)
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    Daughter of PTI Government Sitting Minister Wants Trade Sanctions on Pakistan

    May i ask what is her association with pti ? She is an active plmn suppoter and extremely anti PTI AND IK. You went all the way to blame IK for her tweet using her mother not the party she actually supports. Half of households are divided in Pakistan between various support for political...
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    EU Parliament to review Pakistan’s GSP+ status and put trade embargo (blasphemy laws

    Imagine what would have happened if we deported their ambassador? Alot of people even on this forum were of the view that french ambassador should be deported just a few days ago. What PM IK stand for is absolutely right. How Ik handled it was right, a bit excessive i should say i am opposed to...
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    PTI Comprehensively Humiliated in Karachi

    One of the major reasons of pti loss is TLP ambassador saga, they broke PTI votes ( especially in ramadan you dont go against the local mosques), along with giving ticket to an ordinary worker with no resources. Natural voters of constituency abstained from polls, those who participated were...
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    IEA response to Hamid Mir lies

    Mir Jaffar pal rakhay hain hum nay. What is the most that can happen if we just put some bullets in his miserable filth? He went to London recently, this is their new agenda against armed forces.
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    Covid-19 - Devastating Second Wave in India - Updates and Discussion

    Today 379,459 cases and 3647 deaths were reported.

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