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    Turkish Naval Programs

    Bayraktar TB3'ün kalkışı için TCG Anadolu'da yapılacak revizyon: Kırmızı dikdörtgen içine aldığım kısım, motor destekli bir kalkış yapılacağının göstergesi. Translated from Turkish by Revision to be made in TCG Anadolu for the take-off of Bayraktar TB3: The part I enclose in the red rectangle...
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    Prime Minister Imran Khan visits different areas of Islamabad without protocol

    How many people actually recognizes him as he was wearing mask 😁
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    Comparing total tonnages of USN and PLAN main surface combatant platforms within 2021-2030 projections

    Its Clear from the chart US Navy will continue to dominate over China in foreseeable future both in terms of total displacement and the fire power . US Navy power fire power is three times of Chinese now it will reduce to 1.7 in nine years but still lag behind Chinese .
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    "Pakistan Aided Taliban, Played On Both Sides In Afghanistan": US Senator

    And US realise it 20 years later. 😛😛😛😛
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    Greek Patriot missile system in Saudi Arabia: Agreement to be signed on April 20

    Why they would need to hire Greek air defence system which they could get directly from US . it mean either US interest to Saudi Arabia waning as well as to middle east plus Saudi desire to keep pressure on turkey .
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    Dassault Paid 1 Million Euros To Indian Middleman In Rafale Deal !

    Its a peanut compare to the value of the deal and future bussines opportunity bring to dassult.some Indian might have made huge fortune with this deal.
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    Pakistan Air Force Transport

    We may get few more c-130J to replaced our old c-130 and supplement existing fleet but very unlikely we will go for 14 c-130J. For fighter aircraft it seems our Airforce priorities western fighter probably typhoon.
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    Chinese liquor company gets licence in Pakistan

    Still its haram whither produce inside or smuggled into Pakistan. What kind of Islamic republic already have sarab factory and giving license to another company .😲
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    Pakistan Air Force Transport

    Amazing pictures of PAF’s Il-78 captured in Italy © Davideita_aviation (Instagram)
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    Halda river to be renamed 'Bangabandhu Biodiversity-rich Heritage Halda’

    Why not change to full name of the river as bangabandhu river 😛
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    Chill Bangladesh Thread

    Pakistan army didn't deployed 175900 soldiers neither they had used or have laser guided rocket and hardly use helicopter. 🤗
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    University of Lahore expels students for hugging on campus

    Good decision. If you overlooked this laler they will ask permission for kissing in public places and ultimately seek permission for sex in public place.
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    BRT Peshawar Updates

    are all BRT buses coming from china or some are assembling inside Pakistan ??
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    Turkish Naval Programs

    @SavunmaSanayii Deniz Araçları Daire Başkanı Alper Köse: Şu anda @Baykar_Savunma , TCG Anadolu'dan kalkacak Bayraktar TB3 İHA üzerinde çalışıyor. Bu sene sonu veya gelecek sene başında test edilmeye başlanmasını bekliyoruz. (İlk defa bu kadar net bir zaman aralığı veriliyor)
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    3,700 PhD holders, 50,000 graduates and over 28,000 post-graduates applied for 62 posts of 'peons' in UP

    A sad reality of our third world countries. We are celebrating our success of education by creating many university graduates without creating enough job for that graduates qualification. After having a university degree our mentality only strive for a official job whither that give you enough...
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    27 Feb 19: PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace: DG ISPR

    JF-17 Thunder & Mirage in Operation Swift Retort depiction by Group Captain (R) Syed Masood A. Hussaini.
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    Our HOUSE + NEIGHBOURHOOD TOUR in Pakistan! (Best AirBnB in luxurious area in Lahore)- PAKISTAN VLOG

    Yes Pakistan have many beautiful places if travel vloggers and other media like cinema industry utilised Pakistan's natural beauty and rugged terrain Pakistan image must change.
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    Bangladesh witnessed massive anti-Pakistan protests on International Mother Language Day

    Do this joker has any ideas what is called massive?? Not a single mainstream media told any thing about any anti Pakistan protest only this newspaper.
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    Thousands of tourists spend open air night at beaches as Cox's Bazar is full !

    Why the tourists going without confirming hotels motel room. You know there will be huge visitor mire then the hotel capacity still hope to get a room is pure stupidity.
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    Turkey held talks with UK to purchase aircraft carrier

    Turkey held talks with UK to purchase aircraft carrier Britain last year offered to help Ankara locally produce vessel after declining to sell one Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan launches a locally produced Turkish warship into the water in Istanbul, Turkey on 23 January 2021 (Turkish...

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