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  1. naumananjum

    Govt plans 2,500MW from wind energy by end of 2015

    this is good but i think that government must start research and development projects as well to get experties on these enmergy sources.. otherwise they will cost much high
  2. naumananjum

    Findings of Abbottabad Commission: How US reached Osama

    ai still think that there was no osama there
  3. naumananjum

    Musharraf's name is removed from ECL

    Ganjus are afraid of doing anything with musharraf they want him to leave so that they can create some drama on it
  4. naumananjum

    Population will hit 300m by 2050 if left unchecked, warn economists

    but i think that rate of 2.1 births per women is not high, infact it is the rate required to sustain the population
  5. naumananjum

    Pakistan teenage sisters shot dead because they were DANCING Check out all

    I had heard about this incident few months back.. a very sad incident also many girls had commited suicide due to black mailing by someone who got some of their videos
  6. naumananjum

    IMF deal to end power subsidy

    People of Pakistan must understand that if government will give some benefit to them .. it will be from their own money. free laptops subsidies and every thing like that is not from shareif's pocket. Also government must concentrate on line and distribution losses and power theft
  7. naumananjum

    Unexplored Pakistan

    Pakistan have 5 8000 meters above peaks out of total 14 The highest ridge is in pakistan "trango towers"
  8. naumananjum

    House of Altaf hussain in London

    Altf hussain after burning flag of pakistan
  9. naumananjum

    House of Altaf hussain in London

    Fazool kharchi buree baat hai icee lyai altaf bhai awam ce paicay lai laitay hein takay vo fazool kharchi na kar sakein icee tarhan taiz motor cycle chalana mobile pai batein karna sab buree baat hai icee lyai altaf bhai apni qaum ko buree harkatoun ce roknay k lyai un ce ye sab kuch b lai liaty...
  10. naumananjum

    House of Altaf hussain in London

    Apna scooter baich k khareed lya ho ga :angel:
  11. naumananjum

    Computer mouse inventor dies at 88

    Mouse was a nice idea but i wonder why this device is named as mouse :what:
  12. naumananjum

    Rapid urbanization:- Green cover equal to 23% of Delhi lost in 13 years

    We are totally careless for our future generations
  13. naumananjum

    Another proof hitler & holocaust was just a way to create Israel

    This is always a conspiracy and conspiracy always has some real history The fallen of WTC IRAQ war Afghanistan war every plan is accompanying a conspiracy on which if think u will find it logical . these are big game which we cannot totally understand the comments in this post clearly shows the...
  14. naumananjum

    Nawaz to visit China on July 4

    I think that main concern will be more NPPs in pakistan
  15. naumananjum

    Iran Goes After Dogs And Their Owners

    Dogs can be used for spying as well may be this is the reason
  16. naumananjum

    Next Chief Of Army Staff - 2013 ?

    My vote for Zaheer ul islam . Whoever will be the next but it will be a very big decision for Nawaz sharif
  17. naumananjum

    Bangladesh will be the nuclear country?

    hmm nice and enjoyable discussion :coffee:
  18. naumananjum

    Army major captures 'UFO' on mobile phone

    the mobile company should use this as an advertisment and publicity of their product :angel:

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