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  1. PradoTLC

    Pakistan cannot succeed whilst people in power have overseas connections

    We need to follow Islam properly with understanding ... not the just the cosmetic bits. that is our solution..
  2. PradoTLC

    The Failed State: India

    no to mention our food.. seriously what is RSS hindu food any way?.. PissPee cola?...cowdung burger? really ?.. looking at your media, your gov, your military, your ordinary Janta to us it looks like dawn and dusk begins and ends with Pakistan.. think why are you here?
  3. PradoTLC

    China was preparing for a Third World War with biological weapons for last 6 years

    and US hasn't ?.... who are they trying to fool. this is so predictable nonsense from US's play book of demonizing the enemy. Only an idiot and Indians fall for this non sense.
  4. PradoTLC

    FIA stopped Shahbaz Sharif from leaving the country

    lahore high court judges are just on Noonie payroll.. they are a joke
  5. PradoTLC

    Karl Rock says Jai Hind in Pakistan

    He is lucky Pakistan isn’t fascist india.
  6. PradoTLC

    The Failed State: India

    There is a difference between a natural disaster versus a modi made disasters nations become failed state due to their own follies
  7. PradoTLC

    Afghan Taliban release new pictures

    they look more cohesive than the india trained ANA
  8. PradoTLC

    The Failed State: India

    Karma is a bitch..... Indians 247 talked about Pakistan as a failed state... now look who has that label..
  9. PradoTLC

    Hindu lawmaker in Bangalore gets 17 Muslim hospital staff fired

    typical behavior by them.. they do the same in Dubai
  10. PradoTLC

    Featured CENTCOM : Iran possesses one of most capable militaries in the Middle East

    Last I check Iran lost to Iraq... muhahahhaha who loses to the Iraqis...?
  11. PradoTLC

    Project Launched to Bring $50 Billion through Tourism every Year

    that is potential.. which i see as possible. it will however require alot of hard work, investment and consistency of policy
  12. PradoTLC

    Chinese embassy says muslim women are baby making machine - Twitter Deletes Post

    nothing personal , but you have no clue what you are talking about. Yes a nation dangles from a few indian rupees for non exist port to chinese Yuan.. yes very inspiring
  13. PradoTLC

    CNN Reports on 'Apocalypse' in India

    using indian made vacc.. probably fake no effect so CNN will be banned in india.. RSS will say CNN is formenting a ISI inspired jihadi properganda
  14. PradoTLC

    Chinese embassy says muslim women are baby making machine - Twitter Deletes Post

    i find it commical why indians are commenting here.. given their high rate of racist comments from gov and individuals and behaviour towards muslims incorrect Pakistan has better potential. > more untapped resources > Water & agriculture > a more talented but undeveloped population
  15. PradoTLC

    Imran Khan The Peoples PM

    noonies are like RSS Indians..deluded to the core.
  16. PradoTLC

    Major Gaurav Arya: How to spread terrorism in Pakistan?

    Corona is a ISI agent..
  17. PradoTLC

    Covid-19 - Devastating Second Wave in India - Updates and Discussion

    looking at the way Indians look and live I doubt any one on this planet thinks of you people as civilized. Delusion is a virus.

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