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  1. FuturePAF

    Pakistan receives first batch of 1.2m AstraZeneca doses via Covax facility

    They all have that risk to some extent or another. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/blood-clots-as-prevalent-with-pfizer-and-moderna-vaccine-as-with-astrazenecas-report-2021-04-15
  2. FuturePAF

    Locals: Iranian mortar reportedly fired projectiles into Pakistani territory.

    Could be a false flag to blame the Iranians and cause Pakistan and Iran to fight, benefiting BLA or the Kabul regime. Keep an eye out for who is posting this on Twitter, if they known anti-Iranian account it could just be misinformation. Either way it should be investigated.
  3. FuturePAF

    Indian Intelligentsia Paranoia Deepens as Snow Melts Along the LAC

    India is the chicken that has volunteered itself to be killed to scare the rest of the monkeys. China will not allow India, as much as it can help it, to emerge as a continental rival, not even a serious threat (consider they stated Rafale was meant to also be able to deliver nuclear weapons on...
  4. FuturePAF

    israeli attack on Al Aqsa during Taraveeh

    A global grassroots efforts to get governments to accept and designate Israel as an apartheid state is be the best first step. It’s the hardest thing to do, but once it’s there then a two state solution, to the satisfaction of the Palestinians, will have more chances of becoming a reality. It...
  5. FuturePAF

    The UK's new Challenger 3 tank.

    Any active protection system? A new gun and better comms are great but an active protection system is a must in this age of modern ATGMs.
  6. FuturePAF

    ‘The system has collapsed’: India’s descent into Covid hell

    One thing that could add some relience to countries anticipating the arrival of the Indian variant, such as Pakistan should be a very robust test and trace system. Pakistan need to rush order testing kits (and institute some kind of random testing at checkpoints linked to NICOP IDs) and build a...
  7. FuturePAF

    Soldier injured in terrorist fire from across Pak-Afghan border in second attack this week

    All the more reason, especially with some kind of reduction in hostiles on the LOC, to move a few dozen SH-15 howitzers to the Western Border. Arm them with rocket assisted rounds (max 50 km range) and send them against hostile fire. Send in drones to scout for these howitzers and ensure no...
  8. FuturePAF

    Featured Chinese arrive in Argentina to negotiate sale of 12 JF-17 fighters

    Should one day the WS-19 reach its goal of 25,000 lb max thrust, and be cleared for export, a much more potent form or stealth redesign of the JF-17 could see export success for decades to come. Very interested to see if it will fly with a Chinese or Russian engine.
  9. FuturePAF

    30 shaheed mostly young girls. Massive bomb Afghanistan

    Could be the “large scale atrocity” or part of a series of such attacks to build up a narrative (especially against school girls from an ethnic minority background) that they were hinting at to get sanctions on the Taliban and/or Pakistan in that Rubin article; A possible false flag to keep...
  10. FuturePAF

    US birth rate falls to lowest point in more than a century

    I agree. My point was, more Pakistanis should make up that immigration then is already happening now.
  11. FuturePAF

    Featured US could Sanction Pakistan post-Withdrawal; Rubin

    Good ‘ole Charlie. Wonder if Biden will be compared to Gorbachev. Doing what had to be done to stop the bleeding, but taking the blame for it. Gorbachev famous quote “we can’t keep on living like this” could very well be something Biden could say these days.
  12. FuturePAF

    Featured US could Sanction Pakistan post-Withdrawal; Rubin

    It has indeed come full circle.
  13. FuturePAF

    Featured US could Sanction Pakistan post-Withdrawal; Rubin

    Great find, good to see the status quo prior to 9/11 If I remember correctly, I remember seeing this before 9/11. There biggest argument was that they inherited foreigners living in their country when they took power, and they were not given any options to expel him that would not violate...
  14. FuturePAF

    The USA has accepted the illegitimacy of its decision! The dialogue begins again for a solution in the F-35 program

    Perhaps after the Turks have tested the S-400 throughly, worked on reverse engineering it, and placed it in some kind of verifiable storage, the matter could be put to rest, allowing Turkey to rejoin the F-35 program. Should relations sour beyond a point, in the future, Turkey could also way...
  15. FuturePAF

    PM Imran Khan lands in Saudi Arabia. Received by Crown Prince MBS

    Would be great if the Saudis invested in the petrochemical industry, giving it a boost with the building of that $10 Billion Refinery they have been mentioning for years. With the US not needing as much oil/gas from the Middle East, the Saudis could also fund their own pipeline to China, to...
  16. FuturePAF

    Uranium for Sale- Two arrested in Mumbai with 7-kg of natural uranium

    The brazen way these two were trying to sell uranium, might be indicative that supplies of uranium are not as secure in India, and there maybe many more that could be doing the same, with only these two having been caught so far.
  17. FuturePAF

    Pakistan - Iran gas Pipeline , a simple Answer to gas shortages and Balochistan energy needs

    If US sanctions are lifted on Iranian oil/gas exports, as is currently being discussed as part of the Iran Nuclear deal, could we see the revival of the Iran-Pakistan pipeline with connection to China? A non-maritime route non-Russian route would ensure oil and or gas supplies to China even in...
  18. FuturePAF

    US birth rate falls to lowest point in more than a century

    It’s part of a downward trend; birth rate is not down to approx. 1.635/woman. Lowest rate since 1979. A lot of births in recent decades have been on the older end of the age range, and some women may forgo motherhood, meaning this may not reverse once Covid becomes just another endemic virus in...
  19. FuturePAF

    Featured Punjab had proposed to import oxygen from Pakistan, Centre rejected it, reveals CM Amarinder Singh’s letter to PM

    Pakistan should make sure it has the oxygen cryogenic storage and transportation facilities ready to go, so they can cover any hot spot in the country, should it develop. logistics are the key.
  20. FuturePAF

    Featured Punjab had proposed to import oxygen from Pakistan, Centre rejected it, reveals CM Amarinder Singh’s letter to PM

    Well that part is over. The olive branch had been extended and swatted back. Now Pakistan has to redouble its focus on itself and prepare for this known danger.

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