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  1. su-47

    Reasons why Musharaf proved Curse for Pakistan

    well i have no idea about the politics in Pakistan, but as an observer from the side, i would say Musharaff has quite a lot of support on this forum, and it is possible that is reflected in the streets of Pakistan. After this disastrous rule by Zardari, its very much possible that many are...
  2. su-47

    Russian Weapons, anyone ?

    actually, the Russian ploy is pure brilliance. Imagine the enemy firing ATGMS, HARMS etc at inflatable balloons, and wasting millions of dollars of equipment. Also, these can be used to intimidate the enemy, like Rommel did with mock panzers in North Africa. Yes 250 REAL fighters. We'll make...
  3. su-47

    Palestinian girl stabs an Israeli guard

    Yes, stabbing a person who tries to help you is the epitome of bravery. Seriously, had that guard not tried to help, would he have been stabbed? And just because you share the same faith doesn't mean u can't criticise a person who stabbed a man trying to help. Don't even bother arguing...
  4. su-47

    Bangladesh and India to permanently resolve all border disputes

    Why don't we hope for the best and reserve the criticism until the talks actually finish? This goes for all membrs who will come up with their munafiq/dalal/stooge :blah::blah::blah: Just wait till the matters finish. Then we can see if Hasina sold out or not. Lets not encourage premature...
  5. su-47

    Morning of Yom Kippur War: Cabinet rejects call for preemptive strike

    Maybe his misunderstood the word 'preemptive'. The Arab attack was more like a blitzkrieg operation. So the word preemptive is wrong for the situation. Attacking during the crossing would't be preemptive, since the crossing itself would be considered an attack. But yes, that could have done...
  6. su-47

    6 Things That Make a Man Sexy!

    A man has to be a man and win a woman's heart ;)
  7. su-47

    6 Things That Make a Man Sexy!

    I felt the very same. Like most members here I have a mother, a sister, aunts, cousins, female friends, and even a special someone. It was deeply insulting to see people categorise almost all women as money hungry. It was insulting all the females in my life. How could i not respond? Honestly...
  8. su-47

    Sexies & Funniest Members on forum

    I REAAALLLY do hope you are female! :D
  9. su-47

    Sexies & Funniest Members on forum

    ok, thanks....... but how do u know what i look like? but damn, i aalso wanted to be in the funny list!
  10. su-47

    Feel The Tactical Superiority : Indian "TOPGUN" for The Mighty IAF

    A rip off is ok as long as it can rip apart the enemy ;)
  11. su-47

    6 Things That Make a Man Sexy!

    And are you saying only rich people have love marriages? How about the ordinary people, who also have love marriages? What was the reason for them to start loving in the first place? Marraiges of all types, from all avenues of society can fail. So if a rich guy's arranged marriage fails, what...
  12. su-47

    6 Things That Make a Man Sexy!

    My lord, you have met some strange girls! :rofl::rofl::rofl: Or are those your personal preferences? ;)
  13. su-47

    6 Things That Make a Man Sexy!

    What about th case where you fall in love, and marry that girl? Isn't that true love? Yes, sometimes love before marriage is attraction, infatuation, lust or greed. But even then you would be surprised that its your character and not your wallet that causes the woman to have these feelings...
  14. su-47

    6 Things That Make a Man Sexy!

    Oh, i forgot to mention arranged marriages. Yes, in the case of arranged marriages, money, education and social standing will matter a LOT. The parents will look for a rich guy who can look after their daughter well. Its natural. But when it comes to real love, about finding your own woman...
  15. su-47

    6 Things That Make a Man Sexy!

    Seriously guys, what kind of women have you met? I find your comments as deregatory towards women. and considering you are Indian, its an insult to India and Indian women. Ok, this might be your view, but from my experience, and that of my friends and relatives, I would say the statistics are...
  16. su-47

    Morning of Yom Kippur War: Cabinet rejects call for preemptive strike

    Preemptive strikes need not be against the entire divisions, but against vital targets that prevent the divisions operating effectively. Eg Radar sites, command centres, power grids etc. For that, even 45 well trained commandos are enough at times ;) And I think the cabinet was talking about...
  17. su-47

    India's Economy May Expand 9.7% This Year, More Than Forecast, IMF Says

    Well done India. Despite threats of a double-dip recession in USA and economic slowdown, we have shown our rise. One area where we can make a significant improvement is manufacturing. Our infrastructure has grown considerably, and i think our economy is ready to take a good chunk of the...
  18. su-47

    6 Things That Make a Man Sexy!

    Sri Lankan, I think you are a little too obsessed about literature on seducing women ;) Trust me, its not that complicated. BTW, this article is good. But just reading online articles wont do anyone any good. You have to have the guts to actually go up and talk to a girl. I have seen too...
  19. su-47

    Benny makes it to the Elite Group..

    Hey congrats man. You must be one of the few people to hit 5000 posts in under 6 months "Muzhuvan samayavum ivide thanne ano pani ?" ;)
  20. su-47


    I think the Mods should delete these posts! :angry: Its nothing more than advocating genocide.

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