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  1. Chronos

    Pakistani Fan's Letter to Martin crowe (please read)

    Not exactly sure if I can paste bits from the article. But if you are a fan of cricket, I urge you to read this heartwarming letter :-) Cricket World Cup: A letter to Martin Crowe from a Pakistani cricket fan - Sport - NZ Herald News @waz @Jungibaaz @Jaanbaz @WebMaster @DESERT FIGHTER...
  2. Chronos

    Aamir Khan: The hypocrite?

    This is what Aamir Khan had to say about the AIB roast. "I have not seen the entire roast but I have heard about it and I have seen 2-3 clips of it. I was deeply affected by that. I scolded them (Karan and Arjun) and said 'I don't find it funny'. I personally have a problem with it. "When the...
  3. Chronos

    India Vs Pakistan (My Prediction)

    So in light of the coming world cup, I decided to make a prediction for the upcoming cricket world cup match. Overall, I am leaning towards Pakistan to win. My reasons are below 1) India's record so far end of last year and this year has been abysmal. As a team they do not look strong...
  4. Chronos

    Any PDF Member here with interest in Carnatic Music?

    I am a total Newbie when it comes to this part of the Indian Classical Music. If anyone knows any artist's name could you post them here? I will check them out in my own leisure time. Not expecting many takers in PDF, but hey what the hell. @Indischer @scorpionx (I don't know why)
  5. Chronos

    Fresh Trouble For Jaganmohan Reddy

    YSR Congress chief Jaganmohan Reddy and co-accused individuals and companies named in the 11 charge sheets filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation could be in fresh trouble with the Enforcement Directorate gearing up to initiate another round of attachments of “proceeds of crime.” The...
  6. Chronos

    Panneerselvam Takes Oath: Retains Old Cabinet

    "O. Panneerselvam, staunch loyalist of AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa, was sworn in as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for a second time on Monday by Governor K. Rosaiah, followed by the induction of other Ministers. The ceremony was emotionally charged with virtually every member of the new Cabinet...
  7. Chronos

    Fox News Presenters mock Female UAE pilot who took part in ISIS bombing campaign

    "Presenters on US cable channel Fox News cracked a series of sexist jokes after reporting A FEMALE pilot from the UAE had taken part in a bombing mission of Isis targets in Syria, describing her as “boobs on the ground”. One presenter, Kimberly Guilfoyle, tried to pay tribute to Major Mariam...
  8. Chronos

    Grihapravesha that breaks Caste Barriers

    Dalits in Kolar welcomed into homes of upper castes Known for its large population of Dalits, Kolar district is set to witness a DIFFERENT kind of social reform movement. It employs a traditional event — ‘Grihapravesha’ — to eradicate untouchability, which is rampant in the region. The Dalits...
  9. Chronos

    Suspected Ebola patient admitted to GH in Chennai

    "In a suspected case of the deadly Ebola virus, health officials on Saturday night detained and placed under OBSERVATION a 25-year-old man who arrived from the Republic of Guinea at the Chennai Airport. He has been kept in the isolation ward of the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, where...
  10. Chronos

    Dalit Wedding Fetes Feudal rage

    It was Jaipal’s wedding at Gugal Kota in Alwar on June 21. His father, Roshan Lal, made him ride a decorated horse, at the head of the wedding party, to the bride’s home. But the Rajputs in the village disliked such a celebration by a Dalit family and they would not allow it to go on. Mr...
  11. Chronos

    Female Literacy And The Developing World

    So this is my first article on Seniors Cafe. And I decided to do a mundane, academic article to avoid slugfests for the first time around. I have noticed that whenever there are elections in India, well even in a lot of the developing world countries, discussion about population growth, and...
  12. Chronos

    GAIL Pipeline Explosion. 14 dead in Andhra

    At least 14 persons are feared dead when a fire broke out in the gas trunk line of GAIL at about 4 a.m. on Friday at Nagaram village in Mamidikuduru mandal of East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The 18-inch pipeline with 70-80 kg psi is 200 feet away from the ONGC gas collecting station...
  13. Chronos

    Have Any Of You Read Times Of India??

    Because last week I read Times of India. As in I read the articles and the comments underneath. Because there was a link to Times of India. After spending 20 minutes or so, I can report that I have Brain Tumor, Cancer in my eyeballs and Anal Bleeding. seriously, it claims to be India's leading...
  14. Chronos

    Kurdish Peshmerga Seizes Kirkuk

    "Capturing the city and its huge oil reserves, just outside the area controlled by the Kurdish regional government (KRG), is a huge achievement. Yet victory looks far from glorious or orderly. At the K1 army base in the heart of Kirkuk, now abandoned by Iraqi government troops, a dozen...
  15. Chronos

    India state minister on rape: 'Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong'

    "A regional politician from Modi's own Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), said that the crime of rape can only be considered to have been committed if it is reported to police. "This is a social crime which depends on men and women. Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong," said Babulal Gaur, the...
  16. Chronos

    A Government Girls School in Kerala Aiming to be in the top 10 in India

    Read this heart warming story. "From the days of weather-beaten buildings and less than a dozen toilets for 2,300 girls, the Government Vocational Higher Secondary School in Nadakkavu in Kozhikode has seen its student strength rise and is aiming to become one of the 10 best schools in the...
  17. Chronos

    Problem With Private Conversations

    It seems the conversations via PM that I held with one or two members, the threads themselves has disappeared. And I am unable to find a way to restart those conversations. suggestions?
  18. Chronos

    Madhya Pradesh Home Minister's Possibly Stupid Views on Women

    So here is the quote italicized and the link will be provided below. "At a function on Thursday, Mr. Gaur, who has courted controversy before with his remarks on how marriage was not a contract as men were worshipped as gods by their wives, said women in Chennai were relatively safe as they...
  19. Chronos

    Indian Travelling To Pakistan Question

    So let me put forward to you a hypothetical question. If say I were to travel to Pakistan what problems would I face. 1) I am a New Zealand citizen now, som I am an Indian citizen no longer. How would this affect me? 2) I can understand Hindi moderately. But I would say my Hindi and it's...
  20. Chronos

    Shame For India

    A melodramatic title I know but: "In Kolhapur Dr Dabholkar exposed “Cowfly Baba”, who gave false comfort to people for ten rupees a time by pretending to remove dirt and cowflies from their ears with a glass tube. He poured public scorn on Sathya Sai Baba, a millionaire godman who appeared to...