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    Why CIA drones never target Baitullah or any other Anti-Pakistan militia

    this is what i have always been telling you guys we may learn after 20 or more years that bin laden and fazl ullah and mehsud were all heros of USA and its allies i have seen these so called holy warriors having baad past using money lavishly and having weponry more sophisticated than even our...
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    Lets send Taliban to MAQBOZA KASHMIR

    well that is a burning topic our Indian friends are so blind in their faith that they do not see the facts, India is running dozens of terrorist camps in Afghanistan and is also sending Sikh troops along with them, when Pervaiz was having an affair with India many Indian Intelligence Officers...
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    EDITORIAL: Welcoming the Predator

    this survey is very near to the fact. coz i have lived amongst the people of the effected areas (swat FATA etc) i belong to Dir and these people with special dogmas or belief (which i have never heard from any cleric or have read in any book but may be the Assasins or fidains from Hasan Bin Saba...
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    Lahore 'attackers identified'

    and also india is sending their army officials and commandos to help the insurgents in pakistan in 2003 an indian colonal was arrested from the hilly area of shawal North Waziristan and many other off the recod are arrested. even sikh soldiers removing their turban looks like new design taliban...
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    Sniper training for civilian

    Pakomar u just volunteer yourself for mohmand bajaur or waziristan you will get plenty of opportunity to fire different guns do think about it
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    N & S Waziristan Taliban Groups Join Forces

    in waziristan pakistan army has all the abilities to wipe the infiltrating terrorists across the border and the crimnals or naive people but the thing is that u must stop the one who is nourishing and breeding them, these people are neithers pakistans friend nor any one else's they were planted...
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    Pakistan paid 6 million dollars to Taliban for ceasefire

    such peace talks or treaties will ensure the segregation of good and bad there are a number of people involved in the current situation in pakistan India being the spear head they also send their sikh troops who after removing their turban looks like taliban their dead bodies prove the...
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    Swat Peace Deal - The Aftermath

    swat once heaven controlled by a religious fanatic.now we have hope that Mulana Sufi Muhammad has shown us. that was just another battle field which was fuled by many of our enemies. there is a clear message that don't allow such people to be active in your own locality. destroy them before they...
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    Swat Peace Deal - The Aftermath

    bait ullah mehsud is US's secret weapon they give him intel abt pakistani troops position and many other helps, they have never shot any fanatic who is fighting against pakistan but those who sign deals with pakistan examples are mullah naik zaman and bajaur madrassa case. american's war on...
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    Sharif brothers declared ineligible

    well so called NRO by Musharaf has given way hope many come in the wayof that outrage