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  1. Aslan

    Lyari gang-war Uzair Baloch Arrested with travelling on Iranian passport.

    DUBAI: Uzair Baloch was arrested by Dubai authorities on Monday, on his way from Muscat to Dubai, sources there confirmed. Interpol had issued red warrants for the main accused of the Lyari gang-war Uzair Baloch and Noor Mohammad alias Baba Ladla on June 11, 2014. According to sources, Baloch...
  2. Aslan

    Pakistanis believed to have died in 2009, alive in Israeli prison - See more at: http://www.thenews.

    Pakistanis believed to have died in 2009, alive in Israeli prison - thenews.com.pk WEBDESK: Five years ago a merchant vessel MV Danny FII met with an accident and capsized in the Red Sea carrying 83 passengers and crew, including 16 Pakistanis. - See more at: Pakistanis believed to have died in...
  3. Aslan

    It’s Not Just Bin Laden

    It’s Not Just Bin Laden; U.S. Commandos Raid Pakistan All the Time U.S. special operations forces have regularly and “surreptitiously” slipped into Pakistan in recent years, raiding suspected terrorist hideouts on Pakistani soil. The team that killed Osama bin Laden — those guys alone had...
  4. Aslan

    Messi the poster boy of isil. hahahaha

    Iran Headlines: ISIS Congratulates Messi, 20 Percent Enrichment, and Afghanistan How desperate. How how desperate. Iran Headlines: ISIS Congratulates Messi, 20 Percent Enrichment, and Afghanistan | Brookings Institution I don't know whether to laugh or cry over this.
  5. Aslan

    Pakistan to Train Kuwaiti Military

    Just saw on Geo that the Kuwait embassy will be opening a security office in their embassy in Islamabad. And an estimated 11000 Kuwaiti army personnel will be trained by the Pakistan army as a result of an agreement. Also the news in Jang says that the services of retired army personnel will be...
  6. Aslan

    Hezbollah senior commander killed

    BBC News - Hezbollah commander Hassan Lakkis killed in Beirut One less to cause trouble.
  7. Aslan

    PTI press release on Talibans, and PM visit to the USA.

    https://www.facebook.com/PTIOfficial?hc_location=stream I do agree with them on the part that we cant trust the americans, agreed. But on the issue of dealing with the talibans I am lost, I dont see how PTI can make this excuse for the violence that we are facing, by blaming the GOV alone...
  8. Aslan

    Saudi, Iran, Israel. Propaganda or truth.

    Now as mentioned by the publishers themselves that this was written by the former CBS news editor. They even go onto to mention in the article that this sounds preposterous. It is Israel that we are talking about, and a rift and fight between Saudis and Iranians, or a discontent created with in...
  9. Aslan

    I am in love, but too expensive a love it is. :(

    Just the Facts: Mercedes unveils its rugged G63 AMG six-wheel SUV. Mercedes is already making plans to build 20 or 30 G63 AMG 6X6s starting in October this year. With an 8,323-pound curb weight, the 544-horsepower SUV still hustles from zero to 62 in under 6 seconds. STUTTGART, Germany —...
  10. Aslan

    Selective Terrorism!

    So a White british office get killed by 2 nut jobs claiming what ever reason for their actions, and we have the media going nuts. Claiming all kinds of things, the british pm making all kinds of statements. Then you have the below incident, and nothing. Just a passing incident, so we now condemn...
  11. Aslan

    Affair & accounting.

    In the midst of all the other things that have been going on due to the elections, this poor woman's pleas went un noticed. Thank you meera thank you for the great laugh. meera talk to media - YouTube The elections were not afair, and the accounting was bad indeed. You mother deserved...
  12. Aslan

    6 rockets fired in Queta.

    So far 2 dead many injured, and the reports in Geo are saying that 4 are in critical condition. Rot in hell you f@@@@ng terrorists. Hope the new gov gets their act together, which is the need of the hour, and fight this menace.
  13. Aslan

    Pray for me brothers!

    So tomorrow is my first of hopefully the 2 operations that I will have to get on both my eyes. The left one will be done tom, and then they will tell me about the time that I would need to recover, and go for the second operation. What am I suffering from, Keratoconus. A rare disease, so they...
  14. Aslan

    Glock 9mm 100 Round C-Mag Magazine

    Beta Company is taking pre-orders for a C-MAG for the 9mm Glock. This huge magazine weights two pounds (unloaded) and holds 100 rounds of 9mm Luger/Parabellum. It is shipped with a magazine loader, a pouch and tubes of graphite. At $390 (for the clear plastic back model) it is not cheap, but...
  15. Aslan

    India Pakistan Partition

    Lets keep it civil.
  16. Aslan

    US Drone down in Wana.

    Just heard a passing mention of it on Geo news, any one else have more on it please post here. Or we will wait for the details to come out. No mention of how it came down.
  17. Aslan

    Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic?

    Gideon Levy is the most hated man in Israel – and perhaps the most heroic. This “good Tel Aviv boy” – a sober, serious child of the Jewish state – has been shot at repeatedly by the Israeli Defence Force, been threatened with being “beaten to a pulp” on...
  18. Aslan

    Original Challa - Inayat Ali - Punjabi Folk ( Audio)

    comments by the dude who made the video.
  19. Aslan

    Turkey expels Israeli ambassador over Gaza flotilla row

    Turkey has expelled the Israeli ambassador over Israel's refusal to apologise for last-year's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla. Officials in Ankara said it was also suspending all remaining military agreements with Israel. The announcement came as a UN report on the raid, in which nine...
  20. Aslan

    From Facebook to Karachi Press Club

    We have to speak up , it's our duty to speak up and to move out from our houses. It's time to protest on roads instead of social networks. I hope , this time people will come out. Try to start a movement.. to save Karachi... let make some protest!!! Wake up pEOPLE Karachi is bleeding...