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  1. RezRoll

    Arab nations can learn from Malaysia

    Aussie editor says Arab nations can learn from Malaysia, Indonesia MELBOURNE: Arab nations in tumult could learn much from East Asia's giants Indonesia and Malaysia, says The Australian newspaper's foreign editor, Greg Sheridan. In his highly-respected column Thursday, Sheridan who...
  2. RezRoll

    Female Madrassas Breed Radicalism In Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Varda is an accountancy student who dreams of working abroad. Dainty and soft-spoken, the 22-year-old aspires to broaden her horizons, but when it comes to Islam, she refuses to question the fundamentalist interpretations offered by clerics and lecturers nationwide...
  3. RezRoll

    Pale Blue Dot. Picture of earth from 4 billion miles.

    I know this video is slightly long but please check it out. Inspiring stuff. "From this vantage point, our obsession with nationalism is nowhere in evidence" Beautiful words. For those who live in hatred and false national pride, think again :)