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    Rafale training of IAF pilots in France comes to an end, eyes on ‘Lethal 16’ next

    Don't forget to thank the PAF for opening the eyes of IAF. :)
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    Pakistani Climbers Scale Most Dangerous 8000er Mountain for 1st Time Ever

    Pakistani Climbers Scale Mt. Annapurna (8091m) for the first time in Pakistani history. Annapurna is the 10th Highest mountain in the world. The Mountain has the highest fatality rate among all 8000er mountains in the world. Note: The source is my own friend who is with the expedition team at...
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Actually bird strike incidents do happen every now and then, Luckily not fatal for Aircraft most of the times. However an Air Occurrence Report is raised and it's thoroughly investigated. Flight Safety Officer (FSO) on ground and Pilot in air both are responsible to avoid bird strikes. Can't...
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    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Temporary cannibalization of parts is done in order to ensure higher serviceability. How? You have an F-16 due for Phase inspection after certain flying hours for N number days (I won't reveal here how many). Then you have got an F-16 at flight lines which goes MICAP (Mission Incapable) due to...
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    IAF's Balakot Disaster Two Years On

    That's a photoshop dude. Here the official monument you are looking for.
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    Hey, Foxy, Can you PM me please. IDK how to do in this new layout :D

    Hey, Foxy, Can you PM me please. IDK how to do in this new layout :D
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    Another Indian Quadcopter shotdown by troops along LoC

    #PakistanArmy troops shot down an Indian spying #quadcopter in Rakhchikri Sector along LOC. The quadcopter had intruded 650 meters on Pakistan’s side of the #LOC: ISPR
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    There will be no delay in supply of Rafale jets to India: French Ambassador

    The IAF wouldn't be having any easy nights after Feb 2019, until the jet is inducted. They surely will do everything for timely deliveries. "Pakistan Won't Come Anywhere Near LoC, Once Rafale Arrives": Indian Air Force Chief B S Dhanoa "Results Would Have Been Different if We Had Rafale Jets"...
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    COAS spends eid at LOC: ISPR

    There was a news ticker on a channel, He also visited the unit that captured Abhinandhan :D
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    PIA plane crash near Model Colony Karachi with 93+ on board

    Crashed just before the runway... Very tragic :(
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    Long course fitness test

    The criteria is standard and absolute. Whoever passes it, gets selected. Nothing is relative or dependent on others.
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    US DOD has approved a FMS for Pakistani F16s for Sniper pods & LANTIRN navigation pod

    Since this is a generalized statement for all the mentioned recipients, i believe this is the delivery timeline for completion of order. PAF may get much earlier than 2025 :)
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    Ban on sports with Israeli athletes removed from Iranian anti-Israel bill

    Again, Complain when your reports are not addressed in time. I have already explained you the reason for warning in another thread. Now let's not detrail this thread, if you have so much of an issue. You can go to GHQ. Period.
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    Ban on sports with Israeli athletes removed from Iranian anti-Israel bill

    That's not how it's gonna work dude. There is no need for Mods if members are to indulge in troll feasts violating forum rules. it is advised to report an offensive post that you think violates forum rules instead of 'replying in kind' because you don't want to report.
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    Ban on sports with Israeli athletes removed from Iranian anti-Israel bill

    Please use the report button. Complain when your reports are not addressed in time. No need to mention the Mods here and there.
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    Arabic Coffee shop

    You may proceed to report posts that spark insult against a nationality. You, not only targeted Iranian leader but the Iranian nation in general as well. I am not obliged to provide any justifications however here you go, for the first and last time: Forum Rules Violated: 1. Ethnic /...
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    @jamahir @Naofumi @Pakistani Fighter - This is not the thread to drag such discussions.
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    Afghan Taliban announce Jihad against india and start of attacks on them after Eid

    Fake News Source - Thread Closed https://twitter.com/Zabehulah_M33
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    Questions on joining PMA after fsc

    You may join a cadet college for keeping yourself physically and mentally up to the mark, However Joining a cadet college does not guarantee you the ISSB recommendation. Do not join the coaching academies for ISSB, Those are professionals sitting at ISSB. They'll find out who you really are...
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    Afghan propaganda busted

    Please share the link, I missed it. I will merge the threads

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