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    Pantsir S1 in Pakistan Army ?

    Turkey is claiming to have destroyed quite a lot of these. I read somewhere (cannot find reference) it 9 or so. Not a good look.
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    14 died so far - Nuclear Biological Chemical Damage (NBCD) team investigated

    Not really. They were on site to detect radiation and other WMD type chemicals which originally was thought to be source and there was also suggestion perhaps it came from the near by nuclear power plant. If traces for WMD were not found the scope of inquiry would have to be expanded. Even if...
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    Lawyers attack/siege of Punjab Institute of Cardiology - Buzdar takes notice

    Son of Hafeezullah Niazi who sits on TV and barks daily at IK. Any wonder why his son was being so visible in all this and directing other lawyers to attack police car?
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    Rice import Mexico delegation to visit Pakistan for lifting ban

    Because Pakistan rice are dumped in UAE from where they are packed as India rice and exported whereas low quality Indian rice are packed as Pakistani rice and sent. We were banned in Qatar which IK got lifted. No wonder our export were decline when we were being banned. I believe we also...
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    IHC issues show-cause notice to bar association secretary for 'misconduct and contempt'

    Agreed 100% I am always at loss as to how lawyers can continue to maintain their licences despite criminal and contemptuous behaviour. I am lawyers and in order for us to retain our practising certificate we have to follow strict rules and have to be of a good character and fame. We had...
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    Rajasthan wax museum, uses Pakistani missile picture as background display of statue of Dr APJ Kalam

    That is the key. They are obsessed with Pakistan. They seem to pretend they dont care but everywhere you go on the web you will find them where Pakistan is mentioned.
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    Japan to take 340,000 skilled workers from Pakistan in next 5 years

    China adopted this model. China sent many people for education and employment overseas particularly to western countries. This enabled those people to obtain higher quality education and experience both in technical experience but also work ethics. Many of these people than returned back to...
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    Pakistan Navy Type 039B SUbmarine and Type 054 Frigate and other projects, Headache for Indian Navy

    Objective of the Navy in Pakistan - India context is to defend its shipping lines. Dare I say, Pakistan can easily choke Indian fuel supplies coming out of Mid-east and there is not much Indian can do about it. The blockade of Pakistan by IN is a wet dream and nothing else. Pakistan has...
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    French Special Forces - never surrender

    There is massive disparity in comparison. 1. west Pakistan population ie Bangali were against union with Pakistan thus Pakistan Army eastern command was fighting both Indian and local population. USA should know from Vietnam and Afghanistan that when locals are against you, you cannot win...
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    Pakistan Govt. to Launch Auto-Disabling Syringes Soon

    The problem safe disposal of those syringes. I have seen many ly around and nobody giving a damn about it. Late last year in Islamabad I was leaving a doctor and medical store when at the bottom of the step I saw a syringe with bent needle. People on bike were coming and parking and no body...
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    Nawaz agrees to travel abroad for medical treatment.

    I will take that with pinch of salt. he as bail for limited time after which he will be in breach unless Punjab Government can extend that. Why cannot they bring in doctors to Pakistan with relevant machinery. I doubt he needs sophisticated machine given he is awake, well and kicking.
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    Possible Solution: Lack of Clean Water

    Was watching a video and came across some interesting power which actually cleans and decontaminates water and makes is safe for drinking. We have problem in many rural areas and in particular interior Sindh, Baluchistan, South Punjab where clean water is not available and we have seen pictures...
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    Pakistan Govt. to Launch Auto-Disabling Syringes Soon

    Intellectual property. The companies who came up with this idea would have obtained trade mark and Patent on this type of item and it is possible they have a patent in Pakistan. Hence anybody manufacturing this would require licence or buy from the IP holder. IP is big thing for western...
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    Nawaz's Illness is Genuine!!

    He is receiving treatment in hospital free of charge which average prisoner can only dream off. The rest is only drama. In Australian very recently Ivan Milet passed away, he was known as back packer killer and was terminally ill yet he was given treatment while in prison and thats about it no...
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    Government Is Considering To Reduce Sales Tax From 17pc To 12pc

    It will do everything. GST is one thing that everyone pays including those who can barely afford. It might be peanut for those on higher wages but it is worth gold for those who are just surviving.
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    Top 3 colonial powers in the world today

    I think it has everything to do with it. These people would have developed their base in India before migrating to western countries and than moving up the ladder.
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    Top 3 colonial powers in the world today

    that is ridiculous. They do not span that far. Yes they might have part of their "land" located some fair distant away but in between there is vast amount of territory (water) that do not belong to them, territory upon which they cannot exercise any jurisdiction nor prevent others from being...
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    Government Is Considering To Reduce Sales Tax From 17pc To 12pc

    Tax system once made simpler would become more efficient and actual losses might not be as much. Other thing is that with GST many low income earners are impacted thus with reduction in GST % they will be able to retain more money for spending else where which would indirectly contribute to the...
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    Government Is Considering To Reduce Sales Tax From 17pc To 12pc

    How about they consolidate the GST under one heading and apply single percentage across the board. We have too may different type of taxes eg: tax on phone recharge etc. why not just charge gst on that and bring uniformity rather than reducing one head of tax. Other thing they should do is...

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