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  1. [Bregs]

    Coronavirus: ‘Why has Modi done this?’

    Lockdown is the only bitter pill more so for poor people as of now against this monster till a credible or at least workable cure is found, the vaccine is not expected before next year. Mocking any country at this hour of human tragedy world over is not a right thing to do as each country as per...
  2. [Bregs]

    People of Pakistan

    All fine bro , thanks for your kind loving wishes
  3. [Bregs]

    People of Pakistan

    nice share bro
  4. [Bregs]

    Skills Gap in South Asia: Indian and Pakistani Youth Lack 21st Century Skills

    If this report is true then blame lies on respective govts for awful funding of research in various streams across the main unirvesities leave aside the not so prominent universities
  5. [Bregs]

    Salman Taseer’s Son Loses Indian Citizenship After Criticizing Modi ‘Smol men in big offices.’ by UM

    They were never married i reckon and lived in a relationship in london and a son was born out of this relationship. Below is her mother response which has been BJP supporter since past many yrs, There son had birtish passport so that he can visit india and pak when ever he wishes that was why he...
  6. [Bregs]

    Nawaz agrees to travel abroad for medical treatment.

    Its surprising that that there is no genetic test facility in pakistan which is quiet popular world over today in diagnosis of life threatnining diseases
  7. [Bregs]

    Nazia Hassan interview at young age

    She was a craze in her time alas her bright carreer cut short by early tragic end
  8. [Bregs]

    Tezgam train inferno - Death Toll rises to 73

    Ignorant people who carry inflammables inside trains and lax railways staff and security who allowed such things inside train are responsible for this avoiadable human tragerdy
  9. [Bregs]

    Iran steel industry blasts out of the blocks despite sanctions

    Iranis are very resilient people they have shown it many times
  10. [Bregs]

    Azadi March Updates & Discussions

    I feel Imran khan must be given atleast one term to judge him as its too pre mature to pass judgement on him after an year thatt too only on one issue kashmir which is most complicated then it seems. As of now he seems to be doing nice job in existing circumstances He must be given one full...
  11. [Bregs]

    U.S. suspends cooperation on jet engine technology with India

    No country will part with such a critical technology even by paying huge money and why would they loose a future customer
  12. [Bregs]

    Panic in Pakistani City After 900 Children Test Positive for H.I.V.

    This is tragic incident for the greed of some, laws are not enough but mindest of people needs to change to commit such harakari of reusing disposable syringes
  13. [Bregs]

    Happy Diwali and Prosperous New year to All Members

    Happy and prosperous Diwali
  14. [Bregs]

    Onion prices are rising because millennials prefer salad over Aloo Parantha: Nirmala Sitharaman

    Damn it she do not know much about finance so better to keep her mouth shut
  15. [Bregs]

    Railway Stations in Pakistan

    some amazing vintage pics bro, Great share
  16. [Bregs]

    Pakistan’s Tourism Sector to Receive $100 Million Investment From the US

    Pakistan has great tourist potential in baluchistan and quetta and other places which has largely remained untapped till now, if money is invested in this sector wisely then the reuturns are many times in just few yrs time
  17. [Bregs]

    Pakistan to soon become an energy independent country thanks to CPEC's energy projects

    Energy loss due to older or cheaper transimmision lines and theft are 2 primary reasons of extra load shedding and higher cost of electricty to consumers per unit
  18. [Bregs]

    In the next 24 hours, Nawaz Sharif will be allowed to go abroad - Kamran Khan

    yes he must be punished for economic offences he commited but it does not mean he is not given proper medical care
  19. [Bregs]

    Look: Pakistan’s first metro “The Orange Line Metro Train” ready to roll out

    Fast, economical and green energy mode of transport very beneficial in big cities which have old walled areas too

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