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  1. Zaki

    Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces

    May he rest is peace Shocking but understandable. He wasnt well for a long time and coming in and out of the hospital for various reasons He was 99... Probably the most unluckiest prince who never became a king and had to live like a Prince despite his wife being the Queen
  2. Zaki

    Vivo Has Officially Started Making Phones in Pakistan

    Vivo is a very innovative brand. I have used their Vivo Nex (Pro/S forgot the full name) phone when it was first launched. They always want to try something new and often introduces features that are adopted by major brands after 1-2 years. I think local manufacturing of Vivo products will help...
  3. Zaki

    TAPI Natural Gas Pipeline Project to be Launched in 2021

    I have been hearing about TAPI and Iran-Pakistan (minus India) for the last 15 years or so. If I am not wrong the actual proposal dates back to 90s or 80s. I will always dismiss these deadlines until the gas pipeline is laid and the gas has started flowing in these countries. These projects are...
  4. Zaki

    Surplus power generation in Pakistan: New problems

    I agree with you 100% I think we need to private energy sector, let the companies have control over grids and let them fix the biggest issue of line losses in UK there are countless jobs advertised for Electricians and Gas safe engineers even at this time of pandemic. The job opportunities...
  5. Zaki

    Surplus power generation in Pakistan: New problems

    Mine is £65 per month for 3 bedroom house, my cousin pays around £128 per month for similar sized house I think a lot depends on the area and energy provider. My sister pays £72 and she lives 3 minutes away from my home and one of my aunt pays only £38 for 2 bedroom flat. I think the average...
  6. Zaki

    Pakistan’s exports to UK touch US$ 1 bn historic mark in six months: High Commissioner

    I think we should be thankful to overseas Pakistanis for that since majority of imports to UK are mango, food items and textile products imported by overseas Pakistanis
  7. Zaki

    Surplus power generation in Pakistan: New problems

    There is significant population in Pakistan who were never connected with National Grid. We can easily increase number of consumers to shed this sudden surge of supply If you read news reports from 2013-18 the energy experts used to forecast that Pakistan’a demand in electricity would surge to...
  8. Zaki

    Multimillion-dollar Pakistani delivery company leaks 400+ million files of Pakistani citizens data leaked

    Its absolutely shocking. I don't know why Pakistani companies do not invest in Cyber security. It would be mega scandal had this happened in UK. I think Pakistani companies need to grow up and adapt latest technology to protect the precious information of their clients.
  9. Zaki

    AlKaram Textile Gets 6-Year Export Order for US Brand Gap Inc.

    Very glad to hear that, I personally buy a lot of stuff from GAP, it's a very good brand Pakistan's textile industry is thriving but there might be some negative impact in the near future as Acadia Group is falling and I have seen them importing a lot of stuff from Pakistan especially TopShop...
  10. Zaki

    how come there's no 'strikethrough' symbol available in the edit box??

    It is there. Hit the + Icon next to Media and you will find strike through button
  11. Zaki

    PM approves grant for construction of Hindu temple in Islamabad

    In my opinion the Government should not interfere in construction of any religious building. Let the people make it themselves... At the same time do not object to the demand of minorities and let them make their places of worship wherever they desire... Muslim in UK have built over 1500...
  12. Zaki

    Pakistan's 'Science & Technology' minister confuses solar eclipse with lunar eclipse

    Looks like he wrote about Solar eclipse... By mistake in the tweet he mentioned Moon... But the letter shared by him clearly talks about Solar eclipse. I would let him go for this as we make countless typing error on PDF too
  13. Zaki

    Famed Pakistan TV Show Host, Tariq Aziz Passes Away

    Inna Lilla hai wa Inna ellaihi rajioon May he rest in peace and May Allah have his mercy upon him in hereafter and grant him Jannat ul Firdous
  14. Zaki

    Morocco's Bollywood dream and obsession

    Where did your family travel in Morocco? Well in Marrakech I had no trouble revealing my identity as Pakistani... Everybody knew Pakistan and were happy to greet me
  15. Zaki

    Bharatis are Capturing Pakistani Peaks on Google Map

    This would have been a nice thread if you guys only talked in decent language
  16. Zaki

    Hand Made Car Build By Pakistani Welder | Build Car Form Scratch

    Very inspiring Nice job. I wish him best of luck
  17. Zaki

    British Racist man abusing pakistani hardworking Taxi driver

    He is a very rare animal of UK. No nation is immune from racism but the racism in UK is no where close to USA, France or India
  18. Zaki

    The Mauzin of my Masjid has passed away

    Inna Lilla hai wa Inna ellaihi rajioon May he rest in peace
  19. Zaki

    A message from US black community to arabs

    It's photoshopped. I would have deleted this thread but closing to prevent similar threads again
  20. Zaki

    "Ancient India" was in Pakistan region, not present-day India!

    I think we have been having this discussion for the past 10 years. I won't be surprised if the author read one of the thread on PDF to write this article. In my opinion, it is fair to say if Pakistan had opted to use India as country name, we might have laid claim to 5000 year old history of...

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