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    Russian Review of Guns made in Tribal Belt

    I found this on youtube (it could be someone already shared). A lot of people here talk about giving support to tribal belt for weapons manufacturing but considering the education level (though skill is high) and lack of technical training in latest industrial standards and machinery, lack of...
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    Importing 3d printer

    Hi, Anyone know if new SOP is issued for importing 3D printer or getting it through custom if you are carrying it on flight. Does anyone have any recent experience regarding it ?
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    Artillery and Tank Barrel Cleaning Machines (Discussion and Info)

    Barrel cleaning is required for artillery and tank barrels both smooth bore and rifled after use due to deposit of copper, carbon, build up of rust due to corrosion etc. This process used to be manually done by the crew using brushes with long handles. Now a days machines are available in both...

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