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  1. Fox_hound

    PM Imran cautions Modi against attacking Pakistan, says it will be his 'last mistake'

    MIRPUR: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday warned Modi against attacking Pakistan, saying that it would be his 'last mistake'. PM Imran was addressing an event held to mark the Kashmir Solidarity Day where he responded to Indian Prime Minister Modi's remarks about the Indian Army having the...
  2. Fox_hound

    Pakistan still shelters insurgents, claims Ashraf Ghani

    DAVOS: Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani said on Thursday that Pakistan continued to give sanctuary to an insurgent group that helps the Taliban in its war against Kabul and the United States, directly contradicting an earlier statement by Pakistan’s prime minister, a British wire service...
  3. Fox_hound

    Russia's government resigns after President Vladimir Putin's address: PM Medvedev

    MOSCOW: The Russian government has resigned after President Vladimir Putin's State of the Nation address, Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev announced on Wednesday.
  4. Fox_hound

    The most powerful Arab ruler isn’t MBS, it’s MBZ

    A LONG READ... Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the 29-year-old commander of the almost negligible air force of the United Arab Emirates, had come to Washington shopping for weapons. In 1991, in the months after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the young prince wanted to buy so much military hardware to...
  5. Fox_hound

    Explosion injures several in Quetta's Satellite Town

    QUETTA: Several people were injured on Friday in an explosion in the densely populated Ghousabad neighbourhood of Quetta's Satellite Town area, police and rescue officials said. Rescue officials said the injured were being shifted to the hospital. The number of casualties and the exact nature...
  6. Fox_hound

    Several wounded in blast in Quetta

    QUETTA: At least four people were injured on Tuesday when a powerful explosion took place near Liaquat Bazaar on Mecangi road in Quetta, police and rescue officials said. The exact nature of the blast is being ascertained, police said.
  7. Fox_hound


    Hello everyone, Hope ya'll are doing great. This is Kashif. I work at a car exporting company but not for the Pakistan market (so kindly dont ask me about the prices :P) I found PDF on google while searching for news related to Pakistan and our armed forces. Hoping to have a good time here...

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