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    6 Rafale fighters to land in India on April 28, 4 more in May: Official

    I think Indian treating Rafael as a Bhagwaan... why they are counting each and every with dates?? :-) Qatar has more Rafael then India but there is no such voice from Egypt or any other country than the inferiority complex people of India..
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    New wave of indian Propaganda coming #HalalToolkit

    Indian territory is the world dirtiest and spoiled political ground.. No credibility at all ...world is ignoring any such propagation..
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    Now Saudi Forces train Indian soliders... what a pity time comes for India...
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    Featured Pakistan Navy Type 054AP Frigates - Update, News & Discussion

    When these ships will be a part of Pakistan Navy. When commission?
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    Is it a coincidence that UAE, Bahrain & Israel have the best vaccination records

    Bahrain population is around 1.7 million and around 250k people already vaccinated. Small country can handle smartly. But today we got variant :-(
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    Regent tested positive a week after receiving Sinovac vaccine

    I don't know about this vaccine but Sinofarm starts to build anti bodies after 35 days of first doze...
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    Will Pakistan Recognize Israel?

    Never inshahAllah
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    PSL Big Final: Lahore Qalandar vs Karachi Kings | PSL Final 2020

    From where can we watch by online streaming...
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    New fighter for PAF Doctrine?

    23rd March 2019, J10 were in Islamabad sky... Hopefully this time they will be with Pakistani pilots...
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    Featured Twin IED blasts in SWTD, six including 1 officer, 2JCOs, 2NCOs Martyred

    Mostly drones can fly more than 12 hours. Air surveillance is becoming important now. We don't need more tanks in current hybrid and two front war..
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    Featured Twin IED blasts in SWTD, six including 1 officer, 2JCOs, 2NCOs Martyred

    We should import 100s of drones from Turkey and China for CPEC surveillance and kill all those terrorists and their supporters on spot.
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    Pakistan Army's VT-4 Main Battle Tank | Updates & Discussions

    Congrats :-) How many this lethal weapon we have in our inventory?
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    India’s economy in shambles, headed for a double-digit decline

    Plus world largest brain drain country and its people are trying to get PR. Largest polluted cities.. Many more...
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    China sends nine satellites into orbit by sea launch on September 15, 2020

    Amazing... how quickly and smartly they managed all these steps....:-)
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    Woman raped on Lahore Ring Road, infront of her two children.

    Iss pagal reporter ko bari kutt parhnii ha police se... pata nahi kiss Abid Ali k peechey para hova ha :D

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