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    Modi and Co making the papers in Bangladesh

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    Greeting from australia

    Hi there.. i have been a member here for i think 6 years and havent made an introduction about myself. I am originally from Bangladesh currently residing in Australia. Namely sydney. I guess I have a interest in international affairs ! Nice meeting people here! Hope to make some friends here too...
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    Ex-army man’s wife expresses anguish over attacks on soldiers, sends blouse to PM Modi

    http://indianexpress.com/article/india/ex-army-mans-wife-expresses-anguish-over-attacks-on-soldiers-sends-blouse-to-narendra-modi-4653160/ :omghaha::omghaha::omghaha:
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    Communal politics in name of ‘Holi ka Nawab’

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    'COWS are 80% human'! India's Home Minister Rajnath Singh joins cow vigilantes on stage to argue tha

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    Maj Gen Abul Hossain Appointed Border Guard Bangladesh Chief

    Hossain, who now serves as military secretary to President Md Abdul Hamid, will replace Major General Aziz Ahmed. Aziz took charge as director general of the border guards in 2012 after the change of the force's name and uniform following the BDR mutiny and massacre at their Pilkhana...

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