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  1. [TR]AHMET


    Special Report: How Russia allowed homegrown radicals to go and fight in Syria Four years ago, Saadu Sharapudinov was a wanted man in Russia. A member of an outlawed Islamist group, he was hiding in the forests of the North Caucasus, dodging patrols by paramilitary police and plotting a holy...
  2. [TR]AHMET

    Gokturk 2 Launched

    GokTurk2 Satellite launched and settled at the orbit launching video so good job Chinese! Göktürk-2'nin F Gokturk-2 Technical Specifications: Orbit : Sun Synchronous Orbit Altitude : ~ 700 km Period : ~ 98 minutes Daily Ground Station Contact : ~ - 40 min (day time and night)...
  3. [TR]AHMET

    Art and Cultures of Turkiye!

    I will share sometimes some videos and informations about Turkey's art and cultures. Here we go! Borders and Passages a nice art video about Istanbul Turkish Yagli Gures (oil wrestling) it is an very exhausting sport because your rival's body has oil everywhere and you can't hold it...

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