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  1. CT-9914 "Snoop"

    Active PAF Squadrons and Inventory

    Following is a list of all active squadrons of the PAF, operating bases and the aircraft they operate. (Recently phased out aircraft might also be listed). Feel to correct/add any info. No 1 Fighter Conversion Unit Rahbers PAF Base MM Alam K-8/K-8P No 2 Squadron Minhas PAF Base Masroor JF-17...
  2. CT-9914 "Snoop"

    Call me "Jinx!"

    Nerdy 16 year old with an obsession for tanks, aircraft and animals. Currently studying O levels in Peshawar. Stumbled upon PakistanDefence while searching for pictures of Type 85 II AP tanks in Pakistani service.I'll never miss a chance of a good discussion. And I plan on becoming a pilot in...

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