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  1. HinduAtheist

    India, Pakistan firm up new cross-Kashmir CBMs

    New Delhi: In their first contact after the July 13 Mumbai terror attacks, Indian and Pakistani officials met on Monday to firm up new confidence-building measures to expand trade and travel across the two halves of Kashmir, which are likely to be unveiled during the foreign minister-level...
  2. HinduAtheist

    Indian Army organises fair in Leh

    ..Leh (Ladakh), July 17 (ANI): Indian Army personnel organised a fair on Saturday in Leh. Ladakh, with an objective to showcase weapons and security equipment to the locals. Locals in Leh and Ladakh got a good opportunity to acquaint themselves with the functioning of the army and the kind of...
  3. HinduAtheist

    pakistan dismisses British human rights report as "flawed"

    Pakistan rejected a British human rights report as flawed for ignoring positive developments in the country and said the government effectively addresses all problems,official sources said Saturday. British Foreign Secretary William Hague in the 2010 Human Rights and Democracy report, said...
  4. HinduAtheist

    US-India ties 'to define century'

    US President Barack Obama and Indian PM Manmohan Singh have said Washington and Delhi's relationship will be one of the century's defining partnerships. On a visit to Delhi, Mr Obama said India was a world power, and both countries could work together to promote stability and prosperity...

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