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  1. HinduAtheist

    Any idea what happened to my thread? It got deleted.. lol

    Any idea what happened to my thread? It got deleted.. lol
  2. HinduAtheist

    India, Pakistan firm up new cross-Kashmir CBMs

    New Delhi: In their first contact after the July 13 Mumbai terror attacks, Indian and Pakistani officials met on Monday to firm up new confidence-building measures to expand trade and travel across the two halves of Kashmir, which are likely to be unveiled during the foreign minister-level...
  3. HinduAtheist

    Obama welcomes Dalai Lama, to China’s anger

    Why shouldn't Obama meet the Dalai Lama? So much paranoia and unnecessary aggravation for no reason by the chinese government. :rolleyes:
  4. HinduAtheist

    Bangladesh Hindu teacher sacked in Mohammed Prohpet dispute

    Radical islamists on the rise. Nothing new. :coffee:
  5. HinduAtheist

    Donot see this... seriously !!

    Wonder what the kids will look like :D
  6. HinduAtheist

    Top PPP leader shot dead in Karachi

    BEIJING, July 17 (Xinhuanet) -- A central leader of the ruling Pakistan People's Party has been shot dead by unidentified gunmen, in the port city of Karachi. Local media reports say the gunmen opened fired against the car of Amir Shah, critically wounding him. He was rushed to a nearby...
  7. HinduAtheist

    Indian Army organises fair in Leh

    ..Leh (Ladakh), July 17 (ANI): Indian Army personnel organised a fair on Saturday in Leh. Ladakh, with an objective to showcase weapons and security equipment to the locals. Locals in Leh and Ladakh got a good opportunity to acquaint themselves with the functioning of the army and the kind of...
  8. HinduAtheist

    India beats qatar in football 2-1

    Congrats India :cheers:
  9. HinduAtheist

    Obama welcomes Dalai Lama, to China’s anger

    Stay classy :rolleyes:
  10. HinduAtheist

    Basketball: India drub Bangladesh, enter final

    Good going India! :cheers:
  11. HinduAtheist

    Indian Military Picture Thread

    For right now I believe that the camo used in the F-INSAS project will stay with the horizontal pattern. The first phase of completion is due by 2012? Who knows, a lot may change by then. There is a lot of science that goes into creating camo, however I'm unaware of any place that can be...
  12. HinduAtheist

    Militant Groups Benefit if Pakistan Blamed for 7/13 Mumbai Attacks

    RIP to those who lost their lives. Heard the news while coming back from work. Glad however that the talks are still a go
  13. HinduAtheist

    World's most unstoppable vehicle!!!!!

    Are you serious? That's it?
  14. HinduAtheist

    Is A Nuclear Iran Good For India?

    No need to pounce on me like that buddy There are Indians who watch CNN, BBC etc. however there are plenty of Indian channels that come up with their own analysis. No doubt Iranian people are smart. The current regime however.. well.. I'll have to agree with harpoon on this one.. the...
  15. HinduAtheist

    Planet Earth view from Space Station

    Debris around Mother Earth Here's a close up
  16. HinduAtheist

    Pathetic Indian TV(NDTV) reporting on JF-17

    @Xestan http://www.rediff.com/news/report/slide-show-1-how-pak-media-used-wikileaks-for-india-bashing/20101210.htm http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/6239790/First-female-Indian-troops-are-prostitutes.html
  17. HinduAtheist

    Indian Military Picture Thread

    A new general purpose pattern for the Indian Army appeared in 2006. The design is a horizontal pattern of black, brown and green shapes on a khaki-green background, with the Indian Army logo imprinted into the pattern. It is gradually replacing the old palm frond design, although both are likely...
  18. HinduAtheist

    Indian Military Picture Thread

    Indian Army units based in Rajasthan are believed to wear a desert-themed "vertical lizard" pattern of rust and ochre stripes on a sandy background. This pattern first started appearing in the late 1990s also. In the late 1990s, India began producing its own versions of the US m81 woodland...
  19. HinduAtheist

    Indian Military Picture Thread

    India at one point had a warm relationship with the Soviet Union, which may have prompted its adoption of a copy of the Soviet 1988 TTsKO tricolor woodland pattern, which has been worn by some Indian Army units in the 1990s. A faithful copy of the Soviet pattern, the fabric and uniforms are all...

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