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  1. FL-COP

    Rafales are 'overhyped', Rafale is no 'game-changer' - Former indian airforce Air Vice Marshal

    Problem isn't the machine, it's the indian
  2. FL-COP

    What is your favourite Dog's breed and why?

    Extreme slope, show lines. See if the seller will guarantee against hip dysplasia.
  3. FL-COP

    Grisly Murder of Bangladeshi American Tech CEO in Manhattan

    Glad, I left when I did. Still miss the fam and food.
  4. FL-COP

    IAF Rafale Spares, Engine Components, Meteors and Scalp missiles started arriving

    Weakest link in the chain is an IAF pilot.
  5. FL-COP

    any tobacco enthusiast here?

    Wife won't let me but whenever I can get my hands on La Flor Dominicana
  6. FL-COP

    Why Pakistan's Shan masalas have a cult following in India

    Someone sent me this video, not sure if it's true. We use Shan.
  7. FL-COP

    Professionals’ corner, personal experience series

    @PanzerKiel ty for your service
  8. FL-COP

    PIA downgraded to one-star airline

    I remember as a child my parents telling me how amazing PIA was. My father refused to travel to Pakistan with another airline, he couldn't justify giving money to anyone else. I followed in his footsteps till the time they left me stranded at Manchester for 33 hrs. Seatbelt didn't work and the...
  9. FL-COP

    Professionals’ corner, personal experience series

    What caliber side arm is issued in PA.
  10. FL-COP

    Professionals’ corner, personal experience series

    Our rookies get blue guns in the academy, trigger discipline is drilled into them. Then they practice scenarios with simunitions. After graduation they go to their respective departments and go through inhouse training, where they pass departmental and state qualifications and are issued a...
  11. FL-COP

    Professionals’ corner, personal experience series

    I hear a lot of people say that about Glocks. Been carrying on duty and off duty. No issues. You are right, training and trigger discipline are important.
  12. FL-COP

    US Math professor suspended for demanding a Viet student to anglicize her name

    I have an argentinian friend, his middle name is Fag*ot.
  13. FL-COP

    My Real life struggle against Dark forces of Evil

    Please share
  14. FL-COP

    My Real life struggle against Dark forces of Evil

    I look back now and regret that I wasted so much time, I hope and pray that Allah will forgive me.
  15. FL-COP

    My Real life struggle against Dark forces of Evil

    @Starlord sorry for the delayed response, had a hectic day. I went through some tough times. I believe in black magic but I always believed that people exaggerate and blame everything on black magic. My wife forced me to speak with a sheikh, he told me I had to change my lifestyle. I had to pray...
  16. FL-COP

    My Real life struggle against Dark forces of Evil

    @Starlord, I went through something, Turned me into a believer. I can send you a detailed list of what I did. The sheikh that helped me told me that it would only work if I prayed 5 times a day.
  17. FL-COP

    Most expensive pair of headphones you’ve ever purchased

    Bose QC35, only use them when flying. love them. Only problem with Bose is that sometimes the cushion area begins to peel. Had that problem with my QC15. My favorite are my Jaybirt Tarah Pro, great sound and it can be adjusted in the app.
  18. FL-COP

    Fake Pakistani currency seized from official of Indian High Commission

    Wrong, I have personally detained and handcuffed diplomats. The credentials have to be confirmed with the State Department. Not like the movies.
  19. FL-COP

    Are you less Pakistani if you do not speak Urdu or were raised primarily abroad

    I have dual citizenship that makes me a Pakistani American.