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  1. WarKa DaNG

    Indian concerned about Biden statement- Americans to pull out of Afghanistan till Sept 2021

    India knows that now RAW agents will be hunted by Talibans and after it they will shift their focus on Kashmir which will be fun to see 700,000 soldiers humiliated in their homeland
  2. WarKa DaNG

    Featured Putin offers ‘blank cheque’ to Pakistan

    Uncle sam is going to wave a CAATSA card to us
  3. WarKa DaNG

    Featured Organizers of PTM's Jani Khel Sit in, Who is Who?

    Lollzzz, even the convicted ehsanullah can escape from a prison, the killer of BB is still not found and still we believe anything good will happen from these crooks sitting in positions and just want to get high from our money
  4. WarKa DaNG

    University of Lahore expels students for hugging on campus

    Some people are supporting there PDA decision until they are not their brother or sister
  5. WarKa DaNG

    “Pakistan was not created to make Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari billionaires." said PM Imran Khan

    Need these type of weapons for the corrupt in Pakistan https://www.military.com/video/guns/pistols/cias-secret-heart-attack-gun/2555371072001
  6. WarKa DaNG

    How Many Rupees A Kilo Are Eggs? Maryam Nawaz's Statement Became A Joke On Social Media

    Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad
  7. WarKa DaNG

    Federal Govt Slams Sindh for Triggering Wheat Crisis Last Year Through Hoarding

    Wheat were stolen for Bhutto as he needs food
  8. WarKa DaNG

    This fish market is called National Assembly of Pakistan

    Its our fault we elect them
  9. WarKa DaNG

    Israel: Now One of the World's Top Military Weapons Manufacturers?

    Well we prefer dangerous freedom than over peaceful slavery
  10. WarKa DaNG

    Unfair 20 years retired generals chairmans of SUPARCO

    Wow comparing B.S to P.hD
  11. WarKa DaNG

    Method to remove PTI PM Imran Khan need changing : PPP corrupt Zardari threats | Removed General Mushraf earlier

    But I am afraid that his blind followers will treat him more than a martyr
  12. WarKa DaNG

    Investing half a million pounds in pakistan

    Buy some properties in Islamabad or in Bahria town or DHA to have monthly rental income. In this way you can avoid getting scammed
  13. WarKa DaNG

    Pakistan Army Helicopter crashed

    May Allah give the highest place in Jannah, Ameen

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