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  1. Guvera

    Zardari solve Faloda wala, Mistry, Taxi wala cases in just few seconds

    Kal bhi bhutto zinda tha aaj bhi bhutto zinda hai.
  2. Guvera

    CJP orders Swati to resign in wake of 'unlawful' transfer of Islamabad IGP

    @BATMAN I hope ur satisfied now ? May the truth & justice prevail, Pakistan Zindabad.
  3. Guvera

    Pakistan journalists follow Modi mantra, make pakoras to protest being sacked

    Whats wrong in selling pakora's ? even Bunkabab, Biryani and Haleem are very decent options......."Hamid Mir ka zaiqay daar haleem" "Asma Biryani" and to top it all "SAAFI Burger"
  4. Guvera

    JUI F Chief Fazal ur Rehman faces the blow over his plans

    Filthy Mullah has been disgraced again but guess what he wont give up.
  5. Guvera

    12-year-old recalls events that led to clash with Azam Swati's employees

    And i bet they will win with huge margins, just hold ur horses....matter is in SC, let the CJP decide.
  6. Guvera

    Supreme Court suspends the decision to transfer IG Islamabad

    You will be fine, just relax and drink some chilled limo pani.
  7. Guvera

    Prime Minister Imran Khan Speech About 'Pakistan Citizens Potal'

    The App is a great initiative but it needed to be more user friendly, i couldn't able to register my self after 1 hour of effort.
  8. Guvera

    Prime Minister Imran Khan: Under pressure and enjoying it.

    Among so many previous government loyalists one of them is Tariq Bajwa, governor state bank right now....he is the one who denied an agreement between pakistan & swiss government to bring back illegal money in swiss accounts, shud have been sacked long a go but he is still enjoying government...
  9. Guvera

    Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif Involved in $20 Million Bribe for K-Electric Sale.

    well in that case ur genius and we r idiots watching this serial for years, then why u waste ur precious time here on this forum writing the above post ?
  10. Guvera

    Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif Involved in $20 Million Bribe for K-Electric Sale.

    No wonder the bald brothers did nothing about K-Electric's inefficiency in karachi and heavy loadshedding, people have really suffered a lot due to this filthy K-Electric in past 6 to 7 years.....may Allah rot these bald brothers in hell.
  11. Guvera

    PTI has 80 percent of Pervez Musharraf's remains in party | PPP leader Khursheed Shah complete speec

    Says the person who was once a meter reader in sukkur electric supply corporation now owns a billions of property inside and outside the country.
  12. Guvera

    I am accused for favorably allocating project to Maj. Retd. Kamran Kiyani | Shehbaz Sharif speech in

    Sharif brothers and sharam are two opposite things, these filthy brothers r bay sharam to the core.
  13. Guvera

    Speaker assembly attacked Director of affairs tortured sargent at arms strangled in punjab assembly

    Meray bhaiyon apnay ghabrana nahi hai !! :triniti:
  14. Guvera

    By Election

    I live in Karachi and i lived a good part of my life in NA-243 constituency, i can counter ur points in details quite easily but i wont cuz thats total waste of time. stay blessed my frnd.
  15. Guvera

    By Election

    What would be the manifesto tagline of BJP & Moodi in next elections ? Naya Hinudstan Toilet scheme ? now everyone will have their own toiled in india ? 50 lac new toilets woww, just asking....is it possible :partay:
  16. Guvera

    5 million homes: PM Imran to launch ‘Apna Ghar’ scheme’s pilot project today

    PM’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program gets overwhelming response ISLAMABAD: A huge demand for registration form for the newly launched Naya Pakistan Housing Program Thursday brought to a grinding halt the website of Nadra, after it got an overwhelming response from 0.2 million users from 174...
  17. Guvera

    Former speaker NA Ayaz Sadiq dons gown, becomes NA speaker once again..Asad Qaiser asked for inquiry

    Deep shock can turn any normal human being into a psychic patient, may Allah bless them with complete health.
  18. Guvera


    This particular post shud be transffered to Pakistani Siasat forum, not a single news paper nor media channels reported this news.
  19. Guvera

    CapitalTV: Miftah Gives a Reality Check to PTI's Plan

    If this B*** insaan is fit enough to talk on media and if he hasn't done anything wrong why he doesn't come back to pakistan ? why hiding in london ?

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