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    Chinese embassador died in Israel

    https://www.wsj.com/articles/chinese-ambassador-to-israel-found-dead-in-his-home-11589726373 Chinese Ambassador to Israel Found Dead in His Home Du Wei, 57, was a career diplomat who had arrived in Israel in February Du Wei was a career diplomat who was Beijing’s envoy to Ukraine from...
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    China threatens already fatigued USA

    TRADE WAR US pushes China decoupling, wiping billions off Apple and Boeing Huawei ban sets up game of chicken between world’s biggest economies Donald Trump's rhetoric toward China has increased its ire as the U.S. deals with a worsening coronavirus outbreak. © Reuters ALEX FANG and YIFAN...
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    the word "india" refers to present day pakistan

    Is Pakistan The Real India? When we refer to India today, are we also referring to the historic concept of India that ancient historians and explorers wrote about? Turns out it’s not. The India of today is not the historic India…ironically Pakistan is the real India. Confused? You should be...
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    today america signs a "peace contract" with Taliban

    so, today they are signing a contract in Qatar . My question to american worshipers on this forum is, do you still believe in military strength and only military strength ? If one tiny country can fight against 27 and force them to sign a contract, what can 56 countries would have done ...
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    Yes please.

    No more ammunition , no more bloodshed of innocents Ps saw this in Belgium few days ago
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    Jamal Hamdan - an egyptian legend

    Jamal Hamdan, (12 Shaban 1346H / February 4, 1928 AD - April 17, 1993 m) A Geography of Egyptian flags. His full name Mahmoud Saleh Jamal Hamdan, born in the village of Nai province Qalyubia. His Writings With what was written by Jamal Hamdan had received after his death, some of the attention...
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    15 burning questions about NRC and CAA

    please see the attached file. also , has there been a media blackout again and foreign journalists are asked to leave india? can any confirm?
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    Sana Ganguly posts excerpt from Khushwant Singh’s ‘The End Of India’, daddy Saurav plays it down Re

    Protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have taken the country by storm, not just offline, but online as well. While Bollywood seems to have finally found its voice on the matter, the same can't be said about India's sports stars. However, BCCI president and former Indian cricket...
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    We come.here from.differenr backgrounds , living in different countries. Would be a good idea to start somethjng to.mentor or help.others in certain things such as .choosing a career , moving to another country , dealing with others at work etc based on our experience. But are.there people...
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    need to discuss with bengali friends

    hello guys can anyone from bangladesh living there( preferably) or from that background please send me a private message ? i am really curious about a few things .. that thread was closed where i posted some questions.. i still need to discuss a few things Regards
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    contemporary muslim historians

    looking for contemporary muslim historians to get info on - pakistan/sub -continent/afghanistan - arab-world please let me know
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    any good book about prebritish state of india

    does anybody know any good book which describes india before phekay shalkam landed there? i dont want to read what british did there. just the condition before that . the crops, the education etc.. or all such books are systematically erased by the british?
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    dotnetnuke developer

    does any one know any dotnetnuke developer? no indians please..
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    Alternate views on holocaust

    Been thinking for a long time now. There hasn't been a single argument challenging "holocaust ". How come ? We know that there were no written orders to kill Jews. Has anybody got the same curiosity ? May be because in USA at least , it's a national security threat to talk against it and...
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    pak vs india wc 2019 group match

    can pakistan beat india ? on paper, it doesnt seem so any thoughts?
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    Software development and saith mentality

    In Pakistan , we develop softwares as a service mainly for USA based clients. . Why don't we use.softwares to.automate our businesses ? One store keeper wanted a robust system but wanted to pay pennies for.it. When asked why so little , he said I can buy a cd for 35 rs with so many softwares on...
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    alternate views on 1971

    has any one from bangladesh got any knowledge on alternate views of 1971 , besides what you are taught in schools?
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    Hello.follks I am Ahmed . Living in belgium at the moment . Love to travel , hike and read . I work as a web developer / software architect. It has been my career. Hola at me if you would like to talk. I speak a few languages too
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    Foreign air lines to start operations in pakistan

    https://www.dawn.com/news/1470486/foreign-airlines-to-launch-operation-from-pakistan-soon-minister KARACHI: Federal Minister for Privatisation and Aviation Mohammed Mian Soomro has said that six to eight foreign airlines are interested in launching their operation from Pakistan. Talking to the...
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    Book about India

    Has anyone read the book named 'India : an apartheid state' ( by Junaid Akram )?