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    Sub-$100 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Debuts in China

    I've always liked Ingenic more than other Chinese processors companies, as they're a private player who produces stuff that are commercially viable rather than surviving on government contracts. Before this they mostly produced processors for netbooks, PMPs and e-book readers, etc. I hope...
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    China Raises Ceiling for How to Count Poor

    The discussion on raising national poverty line has been going on for a while and I'm glad they finally took some action. Although I do find it amusing that WSJ has chosen to ignore the fact the World Bank poverty line of $1.25 is based on PPP instead of nominal exchange rate.
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    Ai Weiwei publishes critics' phone numbers/addresses, inciting harassments

    Didn't get mentioned in this article is Sima Nan's home address was also published by Ai Weiwei on Twitter and Ai has openly called his support to harass his critics. Note one of his critic, Sima Nan, is a private citizen and is being mobbed for simply criticizing Ai Weiwei on his blogs. When...
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    Former ambassador & presidential hopeful reveals U.S. plan to destory China

    Former U.S. ambassador to China and Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman had revealed the plan to destroy Chinese economy by inciting internet opposition in a Republican presidential debate on CBS: Of course people may say that's Jon Huntsman's own idea. But judging by the fact he was...
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    U.S. Suspects Korea of Stealing Weapons Technology

    U.S. Suspects Korea of Stealing Weapons Technology Korean and U.S. military officers earlier this year investigated suspicions by the U.S. government that Korea illegally disassembled F-15K fighter jet equipment for low-altitude night penetration attacks. An official with the Defense...
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    1911 - Jackie Chan's 100th film

    So Jackie's 100th film is going to open across mainland China tomorrow with Japan and U.S. theatrical releases coming next month. It will also be the special opening film for this year's Tokyo International Film Festival. Also (and more importantly for me) this is going to be director Zhang...
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    The Chinese singer-songwriters thread

    We certainly have a dearth of Chinese music threads on this forum. And the two existing threads are either very classical or too mainstream. So here I'll start a new one focusing on Chinese singer-songwriters. To be honest I don't listen to Chinese pop all that often so I'm looking forward to...
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    China to cut the size of its military by 1/3 over next ten years?

    Can't find any report in English. Here's the Chinese link. ?????????? ?????????150??_????_??? Basically Xu Guangyu, a retired general, well-known military commentator and current board member of China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, claimed in a recent interview with Hong Kong...
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    Nanjing, the Southern Capital

    China has had many capitals through the ages, but in the last 1000 years or so there had been pretty much a duopoly on the title, Beijing (the Northern Capital) and Nanjing (the Southern Capital). For different people, those two capitals represents different things. Communist vs Nationalist...
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    Jiang Zemin strikes back! New poem touts his revolutionary pedigree

    Oh none of us would really expect President Jiang to keep quiet forever in his retirement, would we? Officials in Jiangsu provinces are holding a major ceremony to celebrate the centenary of a minor revolutionary hero named Jiang Shangqing, who happens to be the former President's uncle and...
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    Libya rebel oil cargo China-bound

    China: it's not our fault you guys all lined up to do the heavy-lifting for us.
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    Chinese heavy machinary delivered to UK for building HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Fighting nuclear meltdown in Japan and building aircraft carriers in the UK, products of the booming Chinese heavy industries are making their way around the world. Moving up the value chain, one step at a time!
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    Huge tomb for Hua Guofeng as burial plots declared non-private property

    Meanwhile the gigantic tomb for Mao's successor Hua Guofeng is near completion. Well, I do understand there is a ongoing process of reconciliation between the current government (which traces it lineage back to Deng) with political descendants of both Leftists like Hua Guofeng and...
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    Show them the money, old China

    Show them the money, old China Overall a pretty solid article, although I do think it went a bit too far trying to draw a line between the Princelings and the military-industrial complex, even though I agree there's a considerable number of Princelings in the military. The recent Maoist...
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    Why Beijing has the best tech park in the world

    The reason is simple... Because we have the best pizza boy. As we all know the single most important factor contributing to the success of a technology park is pizza.
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    Nanjing Tree Fight Refreshingly Free of ‘Stability’

    Nanjing Tree Fight Refreshingly Free of ‘Stability’ - China Real Time Report - WSJ WSJ's China Realtime Reports and Russell Leigh Moses in particular is one of the better English sources about China, they at least are making an effort to report and comment on news that Chinese...
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    Tokyo Governor: Earthquake Was Divine Punishment

    I'm speechless. Looks like right wingers in Asia are pretty united in their love for the white man and in their cruel indifference to their countrymen's lives or sufferings, be it Shintaro Ishihara or Liu Xiaobo.
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    The new Skyrim trailer is AWESOME

    WOW! What else is there to say? I haven't got this excited for a long time. I'm going to get bashed by my fellow Chinese members but honestly I wasn't going crazy over the J-20 test flight video as I did with this trailer!
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    Gossip time! Photos leaked online fuel rumours of romance between China's 'red royals

    I personally don't mind the few police cars but they really need to use a bit more discretion next time. Also with the one child policy, if the princelings marry among themselves their number is sure going to drop. I still fail to understand how on earth can parents name their kid...