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  1. LittleFish

    2 versions of Ceddin Deden for Workout :)

    Best Ceddin Deden Version personally. Turkish Mehter singers + Russian Red Army Band makes it amazingly shocking. I usually play this when I benchpress or squat in my workout. A shorter but more dynamic version.
  2. LittleFish

    Vietnam’s Leadership Succession Struggle

    In Hanoi this week a pressure-packed political succession entered its final stages. But its outcomes remain undetermined. Instead, an intense struggle for power is underway within the country’s divided political elite, with leadership over the Communist Party hanging in the balance. With its...
  3. LittleFish

    Watching Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Drama made me think a lot

    Tonight I browsed a popular Chinese video site and found a topped video titled as Indian Mythological Drama, then out of curiosity I watched it to the end and found that Hinduism is far more charming than I thought before. In this clip, Vishnu lost his memory in the battle with Shiva, and...
  4. LittleFish

    Some funny posters

    Just for fun. 1. Chinese poster "Communists, get united and beat Revisionist Soviet Union & Imperialist America!". Maybe in about 1960s.
  5. LittleFish

    Millitary Comic: The Stories about Indian Arms Procurement

    Recently some millitary comics have become popular among Chinese netizens, and I'd like to share some of them in this forum. For the following two pictures, the first one is the post of another famous comic called "The stories about India's millitary procurement", and the second one is from its...
  6. LittleFish

    New here, my friends

    Hello, I'm Little Fish from PRC. I'm still an undergraduate, and I keep focusing on world affairs & millitary news. Domestic forums are usually full of meaningless posts and rumors so I'd like to try foreign ones. Pakistan is China's sincere friend and I'm glad to find a Pakistani forum to...